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Our Office Removal and Relocation Company Shares 7 Office-Moving Hacks to Minimise Disruption

Whether you hire a professional office-removal and relocation-services company to assist with your move or not, chances are that you are dreading downtime and work disruption during your upcoming move. There are a few things that you can do to minimise disruption and ensure that it is “business as usual”, despite being in the throes of a move. Below are seven office-moving hacks to do just that:

Create a support team for the transition phase. Set up a system whereby calls and emails can be forwarded to dedicated staff members during the move. Make it their number-one priority to deal with these. Also, send out emails and SMS notifications prior to your move, letting customers, suppliers, and colleagues know who your support team is and what numbers to reach them on.

Use social media to your advantage. Existing and potential clients usually turn to the Internet to find the information they need. If they cannot reach you on your regular telephone number, or the number they look up does not work, you are not going to make a great impression. Make sure that you clearly advertise the dates of your move, your new address, and alternative contact details on your social-media pages.

Get your utilities sorted out well in advance. One of the banes of new premises is that everything does not work from the very first day. If there are existing tenants in the premises before your contract starts, you will have to wait to get your utilities in place. Apply for electricity, telephones, Internet, and other services in advance and make sure that they are ready to connect you on the day. As a backup, it is a good idea to consider getting generators. Nothing spells downtime faster than an business premises without electricity.

Be smart with timing. If you are hiring professional removal and relocation services, they will probably arrive in a big truck and have a team of movers with them. Your neighbours are not going to be impressed if the truck is blocking their storefront or entrance and you are not going to be happy if the area is too busy to move in quickly. Speed is of the essence when it comes to moving, so plan the date and time of your move smartly. If you can arrange it with your landlord and the removal and relocation-services company, try to do your relocation over a weekend, after hours, or very early in the morning when no one else is around.

Mark your new premises. Existing and new customers will not know where you are or able to find you easily if you do not mark your premises. Get your physical signage up and your pin on Google Maps by moving day so that people can start getting used to your location and will start to take note and remember it.

Get ahead of things. If you provide a product or service, make sure you get in touch with your regular customers to offer them the chance to place orders earlier, to cater to your move. If you get most of the work out of the way, you will have some breathing room on the day of the move and can set up the new space without having to worry about too much downtime and disgruntled customers.

Have a moving strategy. Put a moving strategy in place that lets each staff member know what their role is. Things can run a lot smoother if you have office staff serving customers and dedicated groups working in shifts on setup and layout. Think long and hard about where key staff members can help with management and supervising. Many hands make light work…and if people know precisely what they have to do, they can get things done quickly.

Hire Professional Office Removal and Relocation Services to Ease the Load

If you would like a smooth, stress-free move, hire professional office-removal and relocation services. Elliott Afrovan can assist with office relocations with minimal disruption. Let us take care of the move while you tend to business. For more information and advice on office moving, contact us via email or telephone today.

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