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How to Get an All-Inclusive Office Removal Quote

It is time to move your business to a new location and the stress has settled in. That’s normal! If the task of relocating your office makes you cringe, don’t worry…you are not alone. Every business owner finds the task of business relocation stressful. But it is not just stressful for the owner and employees. If the move is not handled quickly and efficiently, the downtime can also cause clients to become frustrated and unhappy if you are not able to provide them with the services they require.

If you want to do all that you can to simplify the moving process, hiring the professional services of an expert moving team is the way to go. Your first step would be to choose the best office removal quote. And best does not simply mean the cheapest. While affordability is very important, how the team plans to handle your goods and what sort of experience they have should be paramount. Avoid the nightmare often associated with office relocation by working with a professional removal company, such as Elliott Afrovan.

Acquire an Office Removal Quote That’s Affordable & All-Inclusive

When we provide our clients with a quote, it is fully inclusive of pickup, transport, and set up at the new location. Our specialist teams are experienced in the safe handling and installation of all IT equipment, ensuring that your assets reach their final destination safely. In addition to that, we are also concerned with what happens to your furniture, equipment and valuables while en route to your new premises.  All Elliott Afrovan vehicles are fitted with tracking devices, which makes it possible to track your furniture, equipment and valuables while in transit.

The Key to a Successful Office Relocation

If you are wondering what the trick is to ensure a smooth move, the answer is preparation. When you opt to do business with a professional office relocation service provider like ours, you can rest assured that the entire move will disrupt your business and life as little as possible.  It does not matter if you are moving from one city to another in South Africa or if you are just moving down the road, the entire process must be meticulously planned, and potential hassles and risks must be pre-empted. When looking for the best office removal quote, remember how you need to cater to your customers, so make sure that the team to assist with your move can guarantee very little downtime for your business.

At Elliott Afrovan, we are more than skilled and experienced enough to handle your move and ensure absolute success. Each relocation is skilfully managed according to a set plan. We will happily brief your staff members on what to expect on the day and what their responsibilities are, prior to the move.

If you want to reduce downtime and keep the business running smoothly during the move, request a quote from us at Elliott Afrovan. We specialise in providing comprehensive relocation quotes for office moving, as well as IT relocation and fine art relocation across South Africa.

Our office relocation supervisors will ensure that the entire process is carefully managed on your behalf and they will also guide you through every step when planning your move. Our nationwide network only employs teams of professional, skilled and trained movers. We understand that the safety of your valuables is very important, which is why it is essential for us that we instil an attitude of care in our people.

To make your move even easier on your company and staff, we can disassemble and reassemble office furniture and other items where required. We can work with your space planner to ensure everything is just as you envisioned. This helps to ensure an even smoother transition to your new office premises. We can unpack and pack all company documents, making sure that there is no additional work for your employees when they get to the new premises.

The team at Elliott Afrovan will treat your valuables as if they are our own. We have a skilled and thoughtful approach to each move and you will find that our moving teams are friendly and polite. We will also work quickly without being reckless along the way. If you would like to learn more about receiving an all-inclusive office removal quote from Elliott Afrovan, simply contact our team today.

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