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Get a Detailed and Affordable Office Removal Quote from Elliott Afrovan Today

If you have a move coming up and you are not prepared for it yet, now is the time to start. You can never really be too prepared for a move. Relocating personally or for business can be a challenging life experience. In fact, statistics show that it is right up there with losing a loved one and going through a divorce. It does not have to be all doom and gloom though. Relocating your business premises really can be as easy as 1,2,3, if you are talking to the right people, like Elliott Afrovan. We are the team that will change the way you see office relocations and we will do it seemingly effortlessly, even if we do say so ourselves.

Unfortunately, moving office (and home, for that matter) is a challenge that should only be entrusted to the professionals. We have heard repeatedly how people want to save money by handling the relocation process themselves, but this is very rarely what happens. In many cases, disaster strikes, accidents happen, and time is wasted. And we all know that this means additional costs for the business. If you want things to be done right first time around, and if you want moving costs to be kept to a minimum, we welcome you to obtain an office removal quote from us today. When requesting an office removal quote, several details must be supplied to ensure that everything is thought of, planned for, and handled strategically on the day. Here are few things to think about before requesting a quote:

• Have the collection and delivery address available so that all the viable routes can be determined. Also, try to know what times work best for collection and delivery. It would be inconvenient if you booked your removal for a specific time and the removals team is kept waiting on the other side because you do not have keys or there is another problem standing in the way of a swift delivery process.

• Have a detailed inventory of every single item to be moved. If there are items that are fragile or require special handling, make a note of it. Supply this list to the removal company for their reference and keep a copy so that you can check items off as they are removed and offloaded on the other side.

• Consult with the removals team about valuable and delicate items. It is important that the team is aware of what items to handle with exceptional care and what sort of equipment and handling is required.

• Take out insurance. We offer great insurance for office furniture and equipment as part of the deal. It provides you with peace of mind and, in the unlikely event of damage or loss of items, you will be compensated fairly and promptly.

It is always hard to know which companies have your best interests at heart and that is why we make our business approach clear and transparent for our customers. We provide our staff members with continued training to ensure that they all have the skills and ability to handle any type of office removal with professionalism and efficiency. Ensuring that your goods get from A to B unscathed is our main objective, but not the only service we offer; we also offer professional packing and wrapping services and we can provide packing materials.

When you get to the other side, we can help you unpack and set up too. We will even work with your space planner to ensure that everything is correctly placed and set up. It is one of the ways in which we can help to simplify the moving process and ensure that your key staff members are focussing on their main duties and not being distracted by the time-consuming tasks of moving and setting up office.

If you are worried about moving costs, downtime, and all the other complications and challenges associated with moving, don’t be. At Elliott Afrovan, we offer the type of service that will get you to where you need to be as well as up and running in no time at all. To receive an office removal quote or for more information and advice, simply contact us via email or telephone today.

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