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How You Stand to Benefit from Hiring Office Removal Experts

If you are moving your company to a new location, whether it is a short distance or long distance move, it is highly likely that you have been doing your research into how much the move will cost and what is involved. The time and effort required for your move will mostly depend on the industry you work in and the nature of your business. To ensure that the move goes smoothly and does not have a negative impact on your business’ productivity and bottom line, it is best to hire office removal experts to assist you. Below we share some of the reasons why you stand to benefit from hiring an expert team such as ours:

  • • We have years of experience to offer. Elliott Afrovan is not a new player on the office removals market. Smaller removal companies or private individuals who advertise their services for relocations very rarely have the same period of experience. With our experience comes know-how, comprehensive insurance and the right methods and procedures to ensure quick, painless moves.

  • • We are meticulous and precise. We have done this many times. We have moved expensive, fragile and essential equipment and assets so many times that we have probably become the best at it. We have a set of safety precautions that we adhere to and each item is packed carefully so that we will get everything there in as few loads as possible with no damage.

  • • Less stress, hassle and fuss. Getting your staff members and family members to help move and get things done right can end up being more stress than it is worth. We get things done quickly and correctly. We can pack, wrap, stack, box and seal items and have them moved to their destination in record time. In fact, once you have made use of our services, you will wonder how you ever managed without them.

  • • We have earned the trust of many companies and are willing to earn yours too. The team at Elliott Afrovan is dedicated to providing the type of service that you will quickly come to value. We handle every item with care, all of our teams are supervised and in the unlikely event that something does happen to any of your belongings, we will ensure that you are alerted and that our insurance cover promptly pays out for it. We are here to help you move more quickly and with as little hassle as possible and we have every intention of living up to this promise.

We take our service seriously and consequently, we have invested in our own fleet of vehicles which we have had modified with tail lifts and air suspension features to protect the safety of your goods in when loading and in transit. We specialise in both short- and long-distance moves and for your peace of mind, we have tracking devices installed in each vehicle, as well as insurance in place to protect you in the unlikely events of any accidents, damage or other claim.

With Elliott Afrovan, you get a comprehensive moving experience. We do not offer half measures, only the full package, and we make sure that we think of everything while you focus on your business and what matters for you. We have the expertise to safely relocate all types of furniture items, bulk filing systems, office screens and divisions, IT and technical equipment, heavy equipment, factory equipment, stock items and more. Our services also extend to include the full packing and unpacking of boxes and furniture. We will happily work with your space planner to ensure that your furniture is properly set up and that your office layout is precisely how you want it, before we leave the premises. If you have heavy equipment that needs rigging, documents that need storing or warehousing services, we are more than willing and able to assist. The fact that we are trusted with the removal of fine art and pianos should indicate just how specialised our services – and how safe your goods – are.

If you would like to gather more advice and information from our office removal experts, we encourage you to get in touch with us. We are available via email and telephone and look forward to helping you with a smooth, hassle-free move.

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