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When it Comes to Office Removal, Costs are not the Only Factors to Keep in Mind

Every office relocation is stressful. Not only for the business owners, but for the company’s staff and clients as well. It is an adjustment period for everyone involved and as the business owner, you are charged to make it as smooth as possible. There are many aspects that go into successful office removal and relocation. Costs figure into the equation, but they should not be the primary focus. Instead, keeping your business’s operations running smoothly, ensuring that clients are serviced and that their satisfaction is maintained, and helping relieve stress from your employees should also feature high on the priority list.

What will influence your office removal’s costs? Let’s take a quick glance at what you will have to budget for:

  • Insurance – You want your cargo, IT equipment, furniture and other assets to be safe on the road while in transit. Budget for insurance to help cover the office removal process;


  • Labour – Do you intend to pack up and unpack your office on your own? Or would you like to make use of the professional packing and unpacking service available to you? This will influence the office removal costs; and
  • New IT infrastructure – Set up of new IT infrastructure at the new premises is a cost that will undoubtedly impact your bottom line. This can range from VoIP solutions to high-speed broadband infrastructure and anything else that you need to hit the ground running at your new offices.


These are only a few of the aspects that can influence your office removal costs. It is always best to be prepared, so that you are not caught off guard by any important costs, and are therefore able achieve a successful relocation.

Questions to Ask Before the Office Removal Day

When planning any office removal, plan ahead. Allow yourself enough time to achieve a hassle-free and slick process. By leaving everything involved in the relocation to the very last minute, you create the perfect storm of chaos that will cause you and everyone involved in your company unnecessary stress.

Questions to ask when planning an office removal well before the moving day actually arrives include:

  • What is your budget?
  • What sized space do you need?
  • What length of lease do you need?
  • Which features should the new office offer?
  • What new location would your company benefit from moving to?
  • Do the new offices offer you the IT infrastructure and capacity that you need?


Expert Office and Commercial Removals from Elliott Afrovan

At Elliott Afrovan, our countrywide network comprises of exceptionally skilled and experienced logistics teams that provide our clients with the very best service at the most competitive price. Your office removal costs will be kept to a minimum, as you enjoy the very best value for money and the most comprehensive moving experience. We work hard to ensure that your relocation is a hassle-free experience.

Our Office and IT Relocation Project Managers bring many years of experience and insight to every relocation that we take on. They are able to organise and facilitate office moving projects of any scale. One of the reasons behind our persistent popularity in the industry, and the reason why we are the preferred office removals expert for many companies in South Africa, is that every client’s move is managed by a dedicated Central Contact Project Manager.

This means that you have a single point of contact to refer all your questions and concerns to. The Project Manager works in close tandem with our Facilities Manager and other team members from your business, as well as any external stakeholders, to plan and execute a successful office removal. We are proud of our competitive prices and provide comprehensive and fully inclusive services, leading to efficient office removal costs.

Our logistics infrastructure and networks make it possible for us to handle the relocation of office furniture, sensitive IT equipment and fine art, as well as safes, cabinets and even factories. Throughout the years, we have successfully relocated some of South Africa’s most iconic brands and companies, including Alexander Forbes, Nedbank, Nestlé and VW South Africa, to name a few.

Speak to our Project Managers for a comprehensive and obligation free site assessment to discuss your office removal costs and requirements in greater detail. Our team is ready to help you minimise the impact that an office removal and relocation will have on your business operations, clients and employees.

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