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Office Removal Companies and How to Choose Between Them

When moving your business from one premises to the next, the very first step that you should take is to select from the various office removal companies operating in your area. With a bit of research, you can easily compare what each company offers, and make a good choice for your budget and business. With so many office removal companies operating in South Africa, the choice can be a tough one.

It is advised that you have a checklist of things you want and need to know before committing to doing business with any office relocation service provider. We hope that we can help you make the right choice for you and your business.

Your Checklist for Selecting an Office Removal Company

When comparing office removal companies, consider the following:

  • • You should only hire a removal company that offers insurance for loss and damage. More than that, it is best to ask about the track record of the company. Hiring a company with a low-claims record is the best idea for your business.
  • • Who will manage the removal team? Will only a driver and removal team be sent, or will there be a supervisor to ensure that everything is done according to the book?
  • • Is the quotation provided detailed? Does it fully state all the responsibilities of the company and its removal team?
  • • How does the removal company provide you with a quote? Do they merely ask for a list of items that need to be moved, or do they pay a personal visit to your premises to properly assess the situation? A successful move will require an assessment, especially if you want to avoid surprise extra charges when the company claims extra effort and work is needed to complete the move.
  • • What vehicles do the company use, and are these vehicles hired or owned by the company? A removal company that has its own fleet of vehicles, fitted with tracking devices, is the best option for your move. If the company owns its own vehicles, are they equipped for the task at hand? Are they equipped with tail lifts and air suspensions?
  • • If you are unable to immediately store your own furniture, stock, and goods, does the removal company offer you solutions? A professional removal company should be able to offer warehousing and document storage for your convenience, especially for long distance movers.
  • • Does the company hire third parties to handle some of their moves? It is never a good idea to accept a third-party service. Make sure that you ask the removal company if they will personally handle the move. When a third party is involved, there is no guarantee that nothing will get lost or damaged due to a lack of skills.
  • • Will the removal company help to ease the load on the other side? The right removal company will help unload the vehicle on the other side, and ensure that each item is placed in the correct area. They can also help with setting everything up.


Be Meticulous When Asking for a Quote

When requesting a quote, you might think that it is convenient to quickly fill out an online form and go with the first figure presented to you. Unfortunately, this is rarely the final figure and you might find yourself faced with unexpected expenses at the end of the move. If there is one thing that we cannot stress enough, it is that you must insist on a consultant visiting your premises to determine precisely how big the move is going to be, and what is required to get you to the new premises quickly and safely.

Another thing we cannot stress enough, is that you should ask questions and get everything in writing. There is no such thing as a stupid question when your money is involved, and it is important that you know precisely what is included in the rate that you will be paying. Too many people find themselves with a bigger relocation bill than they initially budgeted for, which is the result of poor planning and negligence.

While there are many office removal companies in South Africa, we strongly believe that Elliott Afrovan is the one for you. For more information and advice on how we can assist with your upcoming move, we warmly welcome you to get in touch with us via email or telephone today.

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