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5 Reasons to Use Professional Office Removal Companies for Your Office Relocation

It is a recognised fact that moving to a different location is one of the most stressful things that a person can go through.  It is bad enough when moving homes, but if you are a business owner or business manager in charge of an office relocation, you will undoubtedly grow a few grey hairs in the process. 

Not only does it involve moving employees and assets to the new location, but it also involves disconnecting and reconnecting workstations and telephones, IT cables, new networks, wireless internet, communication systems and other technology.  As if the packing and moving isn’t enough, there is also a dire need for downtime to be cut as short as possible, and for productivity to commence again as soon as possible. 

While money can be saved by relocating yourself on a residential level, removals of offices or other commercial operations simply have to be done by professional office removal companies.  Here are some reasons why you should always choose an experienced office removal company to help with your office relocation.

  • 1. Less stress:  Be clever and don’t give yourself a stress-induced heart attack.  Using an experienced professional removals company means that they have all the experience needed to move your operation swiftly and safely.  They also have the technicians and expertise to manage your technology and equipment relocation effectively, so that you are able to operate successfully at the other side.  Professional office removal companies, such as Elliott Afrovan, have years of experience and trained, skilled staff to take care of every aspect of the move.

  • 2. Dedicated project management:  While an in-house project manager is needed to oversee the move, the whole process is made easier with a dedicated relocation project manager from your office removals company.  These project managers are highly skilled and experienced at the entire process, and can plan, organise and manage the entire process from end to end.  This means that everything from the conception of the relocation to the snag lists after the move, are taken care of by an individual whose sole professional purpose is to get your operations moved safely from one place to another.

  • 3. Technology experts:  The importance of technology and all its components is often overlooked by the office managers and business owners before the move.  It is important to consider the impact that the move will have on the technology of the business.  Not only are there workstations that need to be dismantled, but the relevant technologies have their particular foibles and issues, and the people who work with the disconnection, packing, transport and reconnection of these technologies have to know exactly what do to.  In order to avoid disaster, office removal companies employ highly skilled technicians that are aware of the procedures of dismantling different technologies, and they will be able to do this without damaging your precious IT systems or servers.

  • 4. Effective packing:  While packing seems like an easy and tedious job, there are right ways and wrong ways to do this.  The professional removal companies will be able to provide boxes, containers, wrapping and transport for all of your assets and goods, and they will know how to pack properly for the safe transport of these assets.  While it is advisable to let employees pack their own property contained on their desks and in their workstations, when it comes to the packing and transportation of equipment, assets and technology, it is best to let the experts do it.

  • Quick and easy:  Planning an office move can take a long time and needs to be done thoroughly, and if you are a novice, there are many crucial aspects that can be overlooked.  It is therefore vital that an experienced individual from a professional office removal company does a thorough assessment first.  This will allow them to use their expertise to identify all the aspects of the relocation and to ensure that all the relevant issues are noted, and that a plan is put into place to ensure that everything gets relocated safely.  It is also vital that the office is set up again as quickly as possible on the other side, and only the relevant experts are able to do this in a quick and safe manner.

If you are planning an office move soon and are looking at office removal companies to help your relocation to go smoothly and safely, contact our expert team at Elliott Afrovan.  We have all of the skill, experience, technicians and innovative transporters to ensure that your office move is completely stress free!

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