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What are Some of the Many Benefits Working with Office Removal Companies?

Organising an office move might seem far less complex than it actually is. The problem is that companies only realise this when they are in the throes of the move and scrambling to keep their businesses running, clients serviced and employees productive, while organising the move. Don’t let this be your story. Your business can do without the frustrations of trying to organise a move on its own. There are so many unnecessary pitfalls that can trip you up around every corner, and with office removal companies having already invented the wheel, why would you want to reinvent it?

Whether you are moving to new offices around the block or moving cross-country, you need a thoroughly planned and expertly executed plan to help you minimise the impact of the move on your business’s operations. Keep in mind that the move can be stressful and inconvenient for your staff, customers and clients. This should all be taken into account and reflected in your moving plan, in order to address the needs of all involved parties. This is another aspect that seasoned office removal companies help with.

How Your Business Benefits from Office Removal Companies

When you approach office removal companies, you don’t have to worry about finding the correctly sized trucks, heavy lifting and moving equipment, or the labour to take care of the move. What’s more, you also don’t have to worry about freight insurance, as it is included in your initial quote. You can simply rest assured that your IT equipment and office furniture will reach their new destination safely and in one piece.

Should you require it, office removal companies assist with packing and unpacking IT equipment, dismantling and reassembling furniture, and unpacking files, folders and other items that you need, so that your employees can just hit the ground running. There are also space planning experts at hand to help you maximise the available space of your new premises, and to divide departments in the most efficient and logical way to boost operational effectiveness. These are only a few of the many ways in which your business can benefit from partnering with leading office removal companies.

Why Partner With Elliot Afrovan – One of South Africa’s Leading Office Removal Companies

At Elliott Afrovan, we have developed a broad and extensive, countrywide network of logistics experts. Throughout the years, we have grown into one of South Africa’s leading office removal companies, and with good reason. We are proud of our leading position in the industry, and continue to raise the standards in the office removals sector.

Elliott Afrovan brings many years of experience and expertise to our valued sector. Our operations are centred around ensuring each of the thousands of relocations that we handle is as hassle-free as possible. Forming part of our reputation as one of the leading office removal companies around, we also offer IT and fine art relocation, aside from office relocation solutions.

Our Office and IT Relocation Project Managers are exceptionally skilled and experienced in organising and facilitating office moving projects. Each client’s move is facilitated by a Central Contact Project Manager who is your point of call throughout the entire removal process. Your Central Project Manager also works with our Facilities Manager and any other external companies that have a stake in your company’s relocation.

We truly are the only office removal company that you need. Let us accurately plan and quote your office move, based on a comprehensive site evaluation and survey, and provide you with a plan of action. You can keep your company’s wheels turning, even throughout the relocation, ensuring that your clients remain serviced and satisfied, deadlines are made and processes run smoothly.

Each of our fleet vehicles is equipped with air suspension and tail lifts to ensure the most delicate handling and transportation of your sensitive IT systems, and other office equipment and furniture. We are happy to provide disassembly and reassembly of any office furniture, in an effort to make the move even less stressful for your staff. Speak to our team of project managers today for your quote and site survey. As one of South Africa’s leading office removal companies, we look forward to helping you make the transition smoothly and effortlessly.

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