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Professional Help with Office Relocations in South Africa

We are often asked what the secret to our success is with office relocations. The answer is not straightforward because our success can be contributed to a combination of factors:

  • Years of experience in handling various types of office relocations.
  • Appointment of qualified, competent and experienced contract project leaders.
  • Close collaboration with clients to ensure that we meet and exceed their expectations for quality service delivery and professionalism.
  • Commitment to quality service.
  • Having our own fleet of vehicles, fitted with special lifting equipment and suspension.
  • Tracking devices on all of our vehicles, to allow for optimal monitoring and control of their whereabouts.
  • Excellent insurance to ensure fast payouts on claims.
  • Impeccable insurance record of minimal claims.
  • Various IT specialist moving experts.
  • Provision of warehousing facilities.
  • Data storage facilities.
  • Well-planned system for packing and unpacking.
  • Site visits and complete project evaluations before we quote.
  • Appointment of project leaders to work with various teams and facility managers.
  • Ability to move everything, from small to multi-branch offices.
  • Presence across the country.


The above, are but a few of the elements that make us such a preferred service provider for office relocations in South Africa. Since we want to ensure a seamless transition from one premises to another for clients, we also regularly share tips and pointers. In addition, our teams discuss the move in detail with the clients and ensure that there are no misunderstandings. A few tips are shared below to help you understand the essentials for ensuring successful office relocation.

Evaluation and Goals

Make an assessment of your current business space requirements and the future needs. Think five to ten years ahead, as office relocation costs money and causes disruptions. Also consider the costs of the lease, accessibility, safety and image. Once you have established the business needs, you are ready to look at appropriate premises.

Contact an Office Relocation Company

Once you have signed the contract for a new premises, get in contact with Elliott Afrovan for an objective assessment of the office relocation project and costs involved. Get the following information ready for the initial contact:

  • Address of current premises.
  • Future premises’ address.
  • Measurement of the new premises.
  • Layout plan of the new premises.
  • Date of office relocation.
  • List of special equipment to be moved.


We will visit the current and future premises and help with the drafting of an inventory list. You will be surprised at how many times people forget about the kitchen appliances, car wash equipment, emergency medical equipment and more.

We will assess the time that it will take to do the office relocation, including packing, disassembling of equipment and moving to the new premises. We will also appoint a central contract manager who will be your go-to person. Apart from such, once a full assessment has been made and appropriate timeframe established, our team will get to work. This is when you will realise that we work as a team and this is equally important for your staff.

It is essential to discuss the move with the key personnel and to ensure that every employee knows what is expected of them. For safety reasons, possible compensation claims and other types of lawsuits from your employees against your company, we recommend that you do not involve employees in any lifting, moving and packing of equipment that could cause injury.

We even pack and unpack the files in such a way so as to ensure optimal order and thus ensure that once you are at the new location, your filing system will not be a mess. Our IT teams will oversee proper disassembling of equipment, according to your requirements, and see to it that the equipment will be safely transported to the new location.

Avoid having to pay for the movement of items which you no longer need. Movement of such items will just cost you extra time, labour, frustration and money. Take the opportunity to throw out and sell redundant items before the actual assessment for your office relocation quote.

What we can do for you:

  • Move furniture, bulk filing systems, office screens, partitions and IT equipment.
  • Store documents.
  • Provide you with warehousing options.
  • Provide you with a project manager that will work closely with your designer or space planner, to ensure adherence to the floor plan.
  • Rig heavy equipment.
  • Provide you with plenary workshops before the move.
  • Follow a sequential packing system.
  • Assist with resource allocation and time management.


Contact us to help you with any type of office relocations in South Africa.

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