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Book Office Relocation Services in Johannesburg for Your Business Move

Moving from one office space to another can feel just as stressful as moving to a new country. Trust us, we know all about it. There is so much to think about and so little time to get the long to-do-list tackled. It can feel that way at least. When planning a move, remember that you do not have to do it alone and that help is just a quick phone call away.

Fear of Moving? Do Not Worry, We Understand

Some of the biggest fears that most business owners, or the managers who handle the relocation in Johannesburg, are faced with include the following:

  • • Being unprepared for moving day.
  • • Lack of interest or support from in-house staff.
  • • Hiring an unprofessional moving company with little or no regard for the value of the items being moved.
  • • Loss, damage, or theft of items and valuables during the moving process.
  • • Delayed moving procedures, which affect the business and the customers negatively.

At Elliott Afrovan, we address each of these fears by providing the type of services that negate such fears. Consider the following:

Be Prepared for Moving Day with Professional Office Relocation Services in Johannesburg

When it comes to being prepared for the official moving day, Elliott Afrovan is the best in the business, even if we do say so ourselves. In fact, if you read through our testimonials, you will find that many other businesses, large and small, think and say the very same thing about us. While we offer a comprehensive service that offers strategic planning, packing assistance, and even the provision of packing and wrapping products and items (like boxes, tape, and bubble wrap).

Ensure Your Staff are Ready and Prepared with Professional Office Relocation Services in Johannesburg

Business owners and managers who fear that their staff will not be ready or supportive on moving day are faced with a real fear. It can be difficult to keep the staff complement organised, dedicated, and involved in the move. Elliott Afrovan can help with this by planning the move meticulously, and sharing responsibilities and tasks with staff members before the day of the move. Of course, the idea is to keep the responsibility of your staff to a minimum. Our team will be big enough and ready to handle the whole move for you, unaided.

Have Peace of Mind that Your Valuables are Being Respected

When hiring an unprofessional or casual moving team, you cannot expect them to know the value of your items or how to protect and respect these items. At Elliott Afrovan, we train all of our staff members in how to handle all kinds of furniture pieces. We also teach our teams how to handle heavy or awkwardly sized and shaped items.

While we take care to handle each piece with care, we also offer insurance for your peace of mind. Our fleet of vehicles is specialised. Each vehicle has tail lift suspension to protect your consignment from bumps and knocks. The tracking systems installed in each vehicle allow us to monitor the progress of your relocation, and to keep track of your valuables at all times.

Enjoy an Efficient Move with the Services of a Professional Relocation Company

A slow move can mean death to a business’ image and bottom line. If you think about it, the longer your staff members are busy with a move, the longer your clients will receive a sub-standard service. And the longer your systems are down, the more frustrated your customers will become. Disappointing customers is not great for profits. At Elliott Afrovan, we plan relocations carefully, so that they are completed as quickly as possible, and so that you can get back to business as quickly as possible as well.

Book Office Relocation Services in Johannesburg in Advance

Booking office relocation services in Johannesburg in advance will save you the potential disappointment of service providers being fully booked or having to accept any quoted amount because you have run out of options. If you want to ensure that your move goes smoothly, make sure that you book your office relocation with a professional service provider, before it is too late.


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