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Office Relocation Services in South Africa

How to Communicate Clearly with Employees While Using Office Relocation Services in South Africa

Most business owners and managers dread the moment that they have to break the news of an upcoming office move to their employees. You probably aren’t an office moving expert and plan to acquire professional office relocation services, but even so, clear and correct communication about the move with your employees is essential. Office relocation in South Africa is somewhat of a technical process, so it is strongly advised that you have a strategy in place for communication with staff that goes beyond simply informing them of the move, but also includes delegating responsibility and getting everyone on board.

If you are filled with dread at the thought of the reaction of your staff, don’t worry! As long as you start communicating early on and keep the lines of communication clear and open, the move will be okay. This is especially true if you have the expertise of a professional office relocation team to rely on.

Your employees’ attitude towards a move can hinder or spur-on the entire process. You will need employees to take responsibility for their own workstations, sensitive company documents, and equipment. If anyone feels demotivated or upset by the move, you could experience delays, a lack of morale, and general discontentment – and all of this will filter through the process and eventually have a negative impact on productivity and the bottom line.

Below are a few steps and tips that you can use to communicate the move with your staff members and ensure that the office relocation services that you use are not interfered with:

  • • Create a moving team. Use managers and supervisors from each department and assign them the role of keeping an eye on the moving process in their relevant departments. These staff members are key role players in the business and are therefore respected by the rest of the team. This will help to set somewhat of a “pecking order” in place for all moving functions.

  • • Inspire and motivate your employees, so that they actually look forward to the move. Include an element of fun. You can use the office relocation as a team building opportunity. Get staff members working together, incorporate mini competitions, and develop a sense of camaraderie between the departments. The more inspired your employees feel, the more they want to actively get involved with the moving process.

  • • Keep your employees informed and updated at all times. Provide your employees with information on the moving timeline (date and time of the actual move), packing instructions, the new address, the office layout options, and how to deal with customers during the moving process. Don’t simply tell one employee the information and hope that it spreads around. Make use of all the communication channels available to you. Use the intranet, department notice boards, office emails, WhatsApp Groups, and even SMS.

  • • Address any change-of-location issues with staff members. When employees began working for your company in South Africa, they might have found the location convenient. If the new address poses transportation and safety issues, you are going to have to make a plan to address these problems and put your employees’ minds at ease. If getting to work is going to prove impossible or become more expensive, you will need to provide transport solutions or consider providing a transport levy.

  • • Plan a celebration to mitigate the stress. After a big move, your employees are going to deserve just as much reward as your professional office relocation team! Plan a celebratory gathering to thank everyone for their hard work, and give the team a bit of time to relax and unwind after all of the stress.

Office Relocation Services in South Africa – Long Distance & Short Haul Office Moves

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