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Get the Most Out of Your Office Move with Office Relocation Services from Elliott Afrovan

If you are trying to reduce the headache of moving offices, hiring professional office relocation services is the answer. For business owners, the decision of having to move premises often comes along at some point. If you do not handle the relocation strategically, your business could suffer. There are a few ways to you can ensure your office relocation goes smoothly, and here are a few of them.

Plan Ahead

When it comes to moving offices, it is best to start planning as early as you can. Most companies try to start planning between four and six months before the moving date. This should provide you with enough time to attend to all the plans and finer details of a business move. If you leave it too late, you will find that your team is not ready, which can delay the re-opening of business and also cause your business image to take a knock. It is important to give both your staff members and customers time to prepare for the changes ahead. It will also help your staff to prepare mentally and physically for the move if they know as early as possible when it will be taking place. We can assist you with relocation advice and packing services ahead of your move.

Make a Booking with Your Office Relocation Services Early

As soon as you know your relocation date, it is a good idea to book your moving company. Getting a good deal usually requires early booking and, if you can manage to have your move managed mid-week or mid-month instead of the end of the month, you could save on the costs as well. When you book office relocation services, make sure that you get a fully comprehensive and itemised quote. When agreeing to a quote, make sure that it states that there are no hidden or extra fees. To ensure there are no nasty surprises, take the time to take a full, detailed inventory of all furniture, equipment, machinery, and other office items and boxes. At Elliott Afrovan we can provide you with a detailed quotation after paying a visit to your premises. This can help us to know how to prepare for the day of the move.

Save Time and Effort by Decluttering Before the Move

Many businesses move with items they no longer need. At least one month before the move, it is important to spend some time decluttering the workspace. Go through boxes, cupboards, storage, and stock rooms and ensure that all rubbish and items that are no longer needed are disposed of or recycled. We can offer you our packing services after you have finished decluttering. We have professional and trustworthy packers who can help with packing boxes, dismantle furniture and equipment, and generally get everything ready for the big day.

Consider the Safety of Your IT Equipment During Your Relocation

Office IT equipment is often overlooked and staff might not know just how sensitive such equipment can be. When relocating offices, it is important to make provisions for your office equipment and computers. Damage to equipment during the move could lead to loss of data or serious business disruptions. Before the move, make sure that all data is backed up and that the correct moving provisions are made for the IT equipment. It is important to advise your moving team on which items are sensitive and need to be handled with extra care. We have extensive experience in handling sensitive equipment. Our vehicles are also fitted with air suspensions and tail lifts, to ensure the most delicate handling of your equipment.

Expert Office Relocation Services

We do not just offer a moving service with casual labourers. We employ a team of skilled and trained movers who are reliable and trustworthy. We are experts in the field and we continuously train staff in the art of handling various types of office items and equipment. We offer specials for mid-month moves (packaging and packing service not included, and terms and conditions apply). For more information on how to experience a move that is as smooth as possible, contact the Elliott Afrovan team via email or telephone today.

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