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Finding an Office Relocation Company that Actually Cares is Easy – You have Found Elliott Afrovan!

If you are looking for an office relocation company that actually cares about the safe arrival of your goods at the next destination, you have found it. Office relocations can be taxing without the added stress of having to worry about whether your goods will be safe and if they will arrive in good condition on the other end – or even arrive at all! Unfortunately, you cannot trust just anyone with moving your office equipment, files and systems and that is why we ensure that each one of our staff members is passionate about their job and eager to do what is best for the customer.

Handling goods with care is part of the job description at our particular office relocation company. We are not just another removals team hiring casual labour and taking your trust for granted. Our aim is to impress you so much with our care and service excellence that you will remember it forever and tell your colleagues and friends. We want to be the first removals company that comes to mind when you need to relocate your office again.

The Elliott Afrovan difference is in our unmatched expertise. We have been trusted to move some of the most expensive pieces of fine art and we are specialists in ensuring that your expensive corporate boardroom table and leather chairs make it out of awkward spaces unscathed. Of course, we do carry insurance in the unlikely event of damage or loss occurring, but that is just for your added peace of mind, because we understand that this not supposed to happen at all.

Machinery and equipment, especially your sensitive computer equipment, can be tricky to move. Bumps and falls can mean disaster for these items of expensive machinery and as such, we will wrap them securely, handle them with great care and make sure that we understand the complexities of moving such equipment, long before the move takes place. In fact, we have moved so many items of delicate equipment that we are confident we can manage yours too.

While our people are highly skilled in careful goods handling, our vehicles are similarly set up too. Each vehicle features air suspension and tail lifts, which allow for the easiest loading and most delicate handling and transportation of all sorts of valuable cargo. If you were worried about a bumpy ride to your new premises, that is one worry that you can put out of your mind from the outset. Let us consider security. Yes, we have insurance in place to protect you in the event of damage or loss to furniture or equipment, but we do not want to be faced with such a scenario in the first place. For your added peace of mind, each vehicle has a tracking device so that we can keep an eye on the progress of your move. This also a great way to ensure that your goods arrive on time and that you are not kept waiting around with no information on the whereabouts of your valuables.

Most of the office relocation companies that you encounter will simply drop your goods off at the destination and be on their way again, but not the team at Elliott Afrovan. We will do everything that we can to help make the transition simpler for you. Upon request, we can work with your space planner to ensure that your furniture items are correctly positioned and set up and that your boxes are unpacked. After all, you do not want your staff members wasting precious time on the clock handling trivial tasks such as unpacking boxes. We do everything with care and will take direction from you on precisely how you want things done, before the day of the move.

It is obvious just how much time and effort we are willing to put into your relocation. We welcome you to compare our services to those of any other office relocation company. We are confident that we have the best to offer and we look forward to showing you how smooth and hassle-free a move can really be. If you would like more information and advice on how our office relocation company can assist you with your upcoming move, simply get in touch with us and request a quote. One of our friendly team members will pay a visit to your premises to make sure that your quote is accurate. Give us a call or send us an email at Elliott Afrovan today.

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