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Office Relocation Companies South Africa

If the time has arrived to move your business from one great location to another, it is certainly time to start planning. It is advised that you plan the move at least a few months in advance and finalise all your moving plans about three weeks before the day of the move. The first piece of business that you will need to take care of is who will help you move. A professional office moving company of course, but which one? What do you look for in the right office relocation companies in South Africa? Do you just settle for a team who claims to have experience and a suitable bakkie or truck? Do you want more from your removals team? Of course you do! And unfortunately, while the market is flooded with many relocation companies advertising their services, not all of them will be able to offer the professional type of service that you would expect. Moving office can be tricky.

You have a business to run and even though you need to get to a new location in order to take your business to the next level, you cannot do so at the expense of your customers. A successful office move is not just one that has your furniture and equipment delivered to the right place. It is just as important that your items get there on time and unscathed. The unpacking and setting up of your furniture can take just as long as the actual packing and moving too. What if we told you that your move does not have to be quite as stressful? What if we told you that a professional relocation company (ours to be specific) can ensure that your office furniture, files, and equipment are properly packaged and moved efficiently? You would probably be both impressed and excited. You would probably be even more impressed if we told you that we could work with your space planner / office layout designer to ensure that the items are correctly placed and set up. That is what sets us apart from other relocation companies. We go the extra mile for our customers; we offer a full service.

We also know that our customers need peace of mind. For that reason, we make use of our own fleet of vehicles. Each vehicle is fitted with a tracking device to ensure that we know where your furniture and equipment is at all times. Each vehicle also features air suspension and tail lifts and these features make moving sensitive computer equipment and expensive valuables easier and safer.

Another great part of our service that sets us apart from other office relocation companies in South Africa is that we leave nothing to chance. We want to provide you with the best possible service and we do not want you to be faced with any complications on the day of the move. To ensure this, we do full site visits to ascertain what will be required on the day of the move and so that we can formulate an effective moving day strategy and plan. We will also brief your management team to ensure that they are aware of the plan and that moving day goes smoothly.

Here are a few things that you can do to help moving day go off without a hitch:

  • Provide us with a detailed list of inventory of the items to be moved on the day. This makes it simple for us to provide an accurate quote and it also ensures that nothing gets left behind.

  • Trust us to do the heavy lifting for you. We are skilled and experienced in this department. We know how to handle all kinds of items of furniture and equipment and will ensure that your items get from A to B in perfect condition.

  • Prepare your staff members for the move. If your staff members are aware of the plan for moving day, it will make things a great deal simpler. Perhaps assign managers or supervisors in each department with separate tasks or responsibilities for the day.

If you would like to learn a bit more about our professional corporate relocation services at Elliott Afrovan, simply contact us via email or telephone at your earliest convenience.

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