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Office Relocation

A Handy Checklist to Help You with Your Office Relocation

If you have ever planned an office relocation or are in the process of one, you will know that there is a seemingly endless list of tasks to consider. And, regardless of how thorough you are, there always seems to be something more to add to the list. Elliott Afrovan is an experienced, professional office relocation company, and we can easily guide you through the planning and execution phases of your move. With dedicated project managers, expert movers, and a fleet of specialised vehicles, we are ready for any move, big or small. However, to help you tackle this gargantuan task, we have compiled a handy little reminder of some of the tasks that you need to address in advance.

  1. Put Someone in Charge of the Process


Choose someone to manage your office relocation. As the saying goes, too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth. If too many people are trying to control or influence the project, they will end up at best doubling up on work, or at worst, derailing the entire process. The same goes for no one taking the lead. Time is wasted and important tasks are forgotten about along the way. In addition, having someone appointed to lead the project, also provides a singular touchpoint which, in turn, facilitates proper communication.

  1. Get Your IT Team Involved As Soon As Possible


For most businesses, some form of IT system is an essential part of the operation of their enterprise. Thus, downtime should be limited as much as possible. To achieve this, a significant amount of preparation is required. Talk to your IT team about:

  1. How much time they need to ensure everything is backed up before the move.


  1. Changing any subscription details where necessary.
  1. Informing service providers about your change of location.


  1. How long it would take to disassemble and reassemble the IT infrastructure.
  1. Whether any new equipment is necessary for the new location or whether anything needs to be replaced.


  1. What backup system will be in place to ensure that your clients can still contact you during the actual office relocation.

  1. Secure Your Data

This goes hand in hand with your IT preparation. Data is one of the most valuable assets of a business, and you have a responsibility to keep it safe. Ask your IT team to prepare a data transfer strategy for the office relocation that includes multiple backups and safe transport (as storage devices can be very sensitive). 

  1. Inform Your Clients and Service Providers Well in Advance

It is unavoidable that an office relocation will have some sort of impact on your business operations. Manage the pressure this puts on your business by notifying your clients and suppliers as early as possible. This will allow them to also schedule their activities around your move to help minimise disruption on either side of the transaction.

  1. Build or Adjust Your Schedule Around Your Planned Office Relocation


This is an extension on the previous point. When communicating your move to your clients and suppliers, it also gives you the opportunity to shift or arrange meetings and deadlines around the move. Take into consideration possible IT downtime, and the time it will take for your team to settle into the new space. This will take pressure off your business during this stressful time, as well as manage the expectations of your clients.

  1. Talk to Your Building Manager


Most office buildings will have certain requirements built into the occupation contracts that need to be addressed when you move out. This is important, as it could affect your deposit, if applicable. Speak to your building manager early on to agree on what needs to be done and by when. There may be restrictions on days or times of the day. You may have to remove certain fixtures or facilitate some repairs or maintenance. Armed with this information, you can plan this into your office relocation schedule.

  1. Partner with an Experienced Commercial Mover

Do not make your office relocation more difficult than it has to be. Engage with an experienced office relocation company, such as Elliott Afrovan. We provide full support – from planning your move, to packing, moving, and unpacking your office, and we offer storage facilities where needed. Get in touch with one of our project managers to discuss your needs and let us provide you with a detailed quote.

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