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Office Relocations Made Easy by Elliott Afrovan

There is nothing easy about office relocations. Moving home is a big enough task and office relocations are even bigger. Anyone who has tried it will agree. Relocating your business is something that will require weeks of planning and strategic preparation. It is not something that can be decided on the spur of the moment and even when you have weeks to plan, you may encounter hassles and hurdles along the way. The best way to ensure that the problems often associated with business relocations are kept to a minimum is to hire a professional removals team to assist with the finer details on your behalf.

At Elliott Afrovan, we have helped many people to successfully relocate their businesses over both short and long distances. We pride ourselves on the fact that no move too big or too small and we are also particularly proud of the fact that our team is highly skilled and trained in the art of moving.

While we take care of all your moving needs, we still advise our clients on the best relocation preparation practices, as there is no such thing as being too prepared. If you are ready for us, we will be able to make your moving day proceed as smoothly as possible and we all know what that means; it means a hassle-free move, minimal downtime, and a staff complement that does not feel frazzled and at sea after the process is complete. Firstly, it must be said that we can do it all. We can plan the move, pack your goods, and even unpack everything and set it up on the other side, at your new premises. For those who like to do the preparations themselves, here are a few useful tips that will make the day a whole lot better for you and your team:

  • • Gather boxes in advance. There are many places where you can buy various sizes of cardboard moving boxes. These boxes are available in different strengths too. You can also buy your boxes from us if you need.

  • • You can never have enough packing tape. Brown tape or clear tape is best for sealing boxes and securing the bottoms of boxes. We can also supply these.

  • • “Fragile” stickers and markers are required so that you can label boxes. It is important for movers to know precisely which boxes have delicate or fragile items in them and which ones do not. Knowing this will ensure that they know how to handle the boxes.

  • • Make a list of every item to be moved to the new office. Make copies of this list and provide one to your relocation company and your office staff members. It helps to be able to check off items as they leave and arrive on the other side. If certain staff members are responsible for certain departments and items, it will be easier to keep track of them during the move.

  • • Prepare your team both mentally and emotionally for the move. It is difficult to move a home or business to new premises. It is important that your staff members know what to expect on the day, what is expected of them, and what needs to be done in terms of handling clients and setting up the new space. It will be far less stressful for all involved if the entire team is properly prepared.

What Elliott Afrovan Can Do for You When Relocating Your Office

At Elliott Afrovan, we endeavour to ensure that every move we handle is a pleasure for all involved, however improbable that may sound. Everything, from our knowledge of how to move all types of items, to the specialised fleet of vehicles that we have – complete with tail lifts, air suspension, and tracking devices – is aimed at ensuring that our customers can move their businesses with ease and complete peace of mind.

If you would like personalised and professional assistance with your move, book a site inspection with us. One of our team members will pay a visit to your venue to provide a quotation on the move and advise you further. For more information and advice on our services, we welcome you to get in touch with us. Simply send us an email or give us a call and one of the Elliott Afrovan relocation experts will be in touch with you soon.

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