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Corporate Relocations in South Africa – Then and Now

Love them or loathe them – relocations are realities of life in modern South Africa, as well as in other developed and developing countries elsewhere in the world, where business is conducted and various types of properties are bought, sold, rented, and occupied for a diverse range of purposes.

Eagerly Anticipating a Corporate Move

office relocationIf you’re undaunted by or eagerly anticipate the corporate relocation experience, you’re possibly one of our previous or repeat clients, or you’re currently employed as a relocation team member at Elliott Afrovan – our leading and specialist South African office and factory relocation company.

Distasteful Process

On the other hand, if you’re overcome with distaste for the corporate relocation process, you have, in all probability, never had the pleasure of dealing with our moving company. Our headquarters are in Centurion, Gauteng, but we offer comprehensive countrywide corporate (and factory) relocation services, manned by well-trained, skilled, and specialist relocation teams that operate from major centres in and throughout South Africa.

Modern Versus Yesteryear’s Office Landscape

Many years ago, the South African business landscape was very different from that which has become commonplace in today’s high-tech corporate environment, without which, many thriving companies might very soon cease to operate – such is the reliance on sophisticated technology nowadays.

Once Upon a Time

Once, before the corporate era, the office situation in South Africa was somewhat basic. The only essentials required to set up a formal white-collar business operation’s office premises consisted of a heavy wooden desk for the boss, a smaller unit for a secretary, chairs, a telephone or two, a manual (later electric) typewriter, bookshelves and house files, an office safe, and an office space to accommodate all.

Strong Men Bent their Backs

When a relatively rare office move was on the cards in yesteryear’s office environment, the business owner enlisted the help of strong men or labourers, who had the brute strength to bend their backs, lift, carry, and load heavy, solid wooden office furniture. Additional, specific packing, relocation experience, and skills were virtually unknown of nor were they a prerequisite. “Don’t drop the typewriter” was possibly one of the few important relocation criteria and cautions.

Large and very weighty old-fashioned wooden desks were designed and constructed to come apart for relocation purposes – typically into three sections – two pedestals, consisting of drawers and/or shelves with doors, which could lock, plus the desk top (not to be confused with the much later desktop).

Physical strength, coupled with a watchful, supervisory eye and the odd, simple instruction, took care of loading and offloading furniture and office equipment onto a wagon, horse-drawn cart, or later on, onto a mechanised lorry. The load was covered with protective tarpaulins, if at all, after being tied down and secured with ropes to prevent excess movement, load shifting, or losing the entire load on a bumpy or potholed road.

Modernised and Changed

The corporate scenario within South Africa has modernised and changed exponentially to world-class corporate standards. So too has the relocation process, much to the relief of corporate business owners and their employees, who may, at most, be required to pack and label the personal contents of their work stations, but little else. Personnel typically loath to give up their personal time to assist with corporate moves, but, nowadays, this is quite unnecessary.

Everything else may be left in the skilled, experienced hands of our corporate relocation teams, secure in the knowledge that they can be entrusted with the safety and security of every item in the office that has to be packed.

Fundamental Aims

At Elliott Afrovan, our principle aims are practical and straightforward. We want to remove the actual and potential hassles from your office relocation, while respecting the required time frames that best suit your organisation, as agreed upon, treating your furniture and equipment with the meticulous care and attention they deserve. Additionally, we want to enable your office to be up and running in the shortest possible time.

As leaders in our industry and speciality – corporate relocations in South Africa – we’re awaiting your enquiry to get you moving smoothly, successfully and without incident, as we’ve done for numerous other leading corporates in South Africa.

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