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Specialised Office Removal & Storage Solutions

Seldom, if ever, do businesses occupy the same buildings forever, even those that are long established. Moving at some stage is almost inevitable. Business owners relocate their office premises to alternative quarters for a variety of reasons.

If the owner or shareholders actually own the building from which they conduct business, they may stay in the same premises for many years, unless outside or economic factors indicate that it would be wiser to move to a new location.

Upsize, Downsize, and Improve

The organisation may have outgrown its current building, or it may be streamlining and downsizing, respectively requiring larger or more compact office spaces. Urban decay may have begun to set in, rendering the current quarters unsuitable or unsafe for customers, vendors, and staff members. Limited parking facilities may no longer be adequate for increasing numbers of customers and employees.

An alternative office space must be found. This is an excellent opportunity for overall renewal. Extraneous furniture and obsolete or unused equipment may be sold, given away or donated to a worthy cause. Alternatively, such items may be put into storage until needed.

When Dates Don’t Coincide

Once the company has located a suitable new office space and all the legal matters have been concluded, the associated parties must decide upon an office vacation and occupation date. Although one would prefer to move straight from the old building into the new one on the same day, it’s not always possible to have coinciding dates and days.

Storage Saves Time and Money

You may be compelled to temporarily rent office space if you have to vacate your old place, but the new office isn’t yet ready or available for you to move in to. Many companies “in transit”, as it were, prefer to place their office equipment and furniture in storage, while hiring temporary office space, which is furnished. This saves time and money.

Professional Storage Standards and Packing

Immediately after a moving date has been determined, it’s imperative to choose a reputable office removal company that offers optional safe and secure storage facilities, which comply with first-class, professional storage standards. Keep in mind that packing up an office to place the contents into storage requires specialised packing materials and methods, in order to preserve and protect all of the stored goods in the condition in which they were received.

Our company, Elliott Afrovan, specialises in office and factory removals and relocations. Amongst our comprehensive list of expert services, including wrapping and securing furniture, IT equipment, and fragile, delicate and valuable items, is full packing and unpacking of boxes, plus sequential packing and unpacking of files. Where appropriate, we use eco boxes.

Geographical Areas of Operation

It’s equally important that you select a leading, specialised office removal group that offers competent and professional office relocation services in the relevant geographical areas that pertain to your move.

Our head office is in Centurion, but we have fully trained, highly experienced removal teams and warehousing/storage facilities that are based in major South African business centres and operate professionally throughout the country, according to our high standards

Equipment Handling and Transport

At Elliott Afrovan, we do not subcontract our dedicated services to a third party or make use of any other party’s removal vehicles – we use our own, modern, state-of-the-art fleet of clearly branded vehicles that are specially designed and adapted for use as reliable, safe removal, loading, offloading, and transport of all types of office equipment and furniture.

Delicate and more robust items are all handled delicately, taking meticulous care to ensure their integrity. Our fleet’s vehicles feature tail lifts for safe handling/loading/offloading, and each vehicle is fitted with an air suspension system that protects the vehicle’s load and contents – even sensitive IT systems.

Effective, cutting-edge tracking devices are installed in each vehicle, because the security of your consignment is as important to us as it is to you. We’re delighted and proud that our insurers guarantee us a speedy settlement if ever we submit a claim (a remarkably rare occurrence). Our minimal claims record is indicative of the safe and secure handling, transport, and successful delivery of your consignment during the office removal and storage services we provide to you and our other delighted clients.

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