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Professional Relocation Services for All Your Office Moving Needs

Moving office can be a major stressor for you and your business, including your staff members. There are a multitude of reasons why you might want to relocate your business and these reasons vary from outgrowing your existing office space to looking for a prime position where your business will receive more exposure. Regardless of your reasons for moving, you’re going to need to be ready for moving day and have a professional office moving team on your side. Whether you are moving just down the road, across town, or to another province entirely, if your move is poorly planned and managed, it means stress and trauma for all involved.

There’s a lot to consider when moving office and that’s why it’s important to have a moving strategy in place first. Imagine the complete nightmare it would be if you only realised two weeks after the move that you forgot to update the business address online or didn’t apply for your telephone lines to be transferred in time. When you’re packing boxes and stressing over potential damage along the way, it can be easy to overlook important things. Below we have listed four of our top moving tips that will help you to avoid the most common of moving mishaps.

  1. Do everything you can to avoid last minute planning

As soon as you know that you are moving to a new business location, you need to start planning. It’s never too early to begin strategising. In our many years of providing professional moving services, we have learnt that it’s best to be prepared well before the day of the move. You should make sure that you have at least three months to get things organised. Mark old furniture for recycling or donating, start clearing out those cupboards that contain old stock and documents and get to work on determining how the move needs to be handled so that it has the least amount of negative impact on your business.

  1. Make sure you have a plan for your business operations during the move

If you plan to make use of your employees to handle moving tasks, you might need to close your doors for a few days. This isn’t practical for most small businesses. A great alternative is to hire professional movers to pack your office for you and prepare everything for the move. This lightens the load for your staff members and also enables them to focus on their usual core duties so that your customers don’t receive poor service just because you are moving premises. We offer teams of reliable, competent and trustworthy packers to ensure that your office space is expertly prepared for the day of the move.

  1. Analyse the office space and get non-essentials moved first

It would be ideal if your new business premises could be available prior to moving day. Take a walk through the old office space and make a list of absolutely every item of furniture and where it is placed. Once your list is complete, note all items that are non-essential for the few weeks leading up to your office moving day and get these items moved first. You can also use this list to make things easier in terms of placement for your removals team and to ensure that every item is moved. We will happily do a walk-through of your premises with you. This helps us to provide an accurate quote and if there is anything highly valuable or awkward to move, we can discuss it and make sure that we are fully prepared on the day.

  1. Inform your customers early on

You would think that customers would take note of a sign outside your door or that you have mentioned in passing that you are moving, but keep in mind that customers aren’t nearly as involved in your business as you are. Send out emails and text messages and update your website so that your new address is visible to all. Also make sure to apply for telephone line relocation and change your billing and delivery address with all of your suppliers. This can be quite a time-consuming process, so it’s best to do this as early on as possible.

For more helpful advice and information on our services, or to hire us to handle your office move, contact us via email or telephone today.

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