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Acquire Professional Office Moving Services at Elliott Afrovan

Moving office is a stressful experience for all involved. Even if you are making use of professional office moving services, you will need to be prepared for the move and have a strategy for the actual day. Below are a few simple tips that can help you to carry out a smooth and successful move:

  • Plan ahead of time. Leaving a business move until the last minute can really put the pressure on you and your staff members. It is suggested by professionals in the industry that you plan your business move at least six months in advance.

  • Manpower, experience, and the right technique are needed in order to carry out a successful move. This is often only achieved by hiring professional office movers. Commercial movers work with relocations on a regular basis and this means that they have the staff, equipment, and expertise to ensure that your move goes ahead smoothly.

  • Take out insurance on your move. This should be offered by the removals company. If you are thinking of excluding it so that you can save a few rand, don’t! It’s not worth it. Accidents can happen and losses can occur. It is best to be fully prepared.

  • If you are moving out of and in to commercial business premises, you might want to arrange that you can conduct your move outside of regular business hours. This means that you will not disrupt your business or that of your neighbours, which is polite as well as it is convenient for you and your removals team.

  • Make sure that your employees are aware of the move as early as possible so that there is no surprise. Also, check to see who will be able to assist with the move outside of working hours as this is often not part of an employees expected responsibilities. If you have all hands-on deck, chances are that the move will go smoothly.

  • Put your removals company and your office layout designer in touch with each other. It helps if these teams have a plan for the day so that the right items of furniture and equipment can be placed in the right areas, ready for setting up. This can save many hours.

  • Do not skimp on packing materials. Your removals company can handle all the packing for you, but if you wish to package files and furniture yourself, make sure to label the boxes and bubble wrap items as required. This will avoid a lot of the guesswork at the end of the move when unpacking and setting up must begin.

  • Provide your office moving company with a detailed and complete list of the items to be moved and in which areas they should be dropped on the other side. Check your inventory list of delivered items at the premises before the removals company leaves.

  • Assign tasks to staff members for moving day. Perhaps have managers responsible for certain departments. Having the tasks and responsibilities split up will make sure that time is saved.

  • If you are moving awkwardly sized items, heavy equipment, valuable items or similar, make sure that the team handling the items is experienced in doing so. For instance, not all moving teams will have the experience in moving pianos or expensive artwork. Always ask ahead of the move what experience the team has and ensure that they know of any fragile or sensitive equipment that they need to handle.

At Elliott Afrovan, we are not just a professional removals company. We are a removals company with a difference. We have all the required equipment and vehicles for effectively moving office equipment and furniture of all types. Our fleet of vehicles is fitted with tracking devices and specialised suspensions to ensure that none of your valuables suffer from bumps along the way. We also ensure that all our removals teams are supervised for your peace of mind and, of course, for efficiency.

If you are looking for office moving services in your area, why not give us a call at Elliott Afrovan? We would love to assist you with all your office moving needs and requirements. Simply give us a call or drop us an email for further advice and assistance with your upcoming move.

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