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Professional Office Moving Services That Quell All the Fears of Moving

It’s time to move offices! If you can almost hear the internal groans of all your employees, chances are high that they’re viewing the upcoming relocation with just as much trepidation as you are. Moves are never easy. That’s why they are considered “right up there” with some of life’s most stressful situations. Along with divorce and loss of a loved one! If you would like to keep stress levels to a minimum and ensure that your business operations experience very little downtime or disturbance, it’s best to be prepared and organise the professional help of an office moving services team.

What exactly makes office moving so challenging? There are four key areas that companies struggle with when moving premises and at Elliott Afrovan, we are proud to assure you that we are able to quell all fears in each of these key areas by providing efficient and effective moving solutions.


  • Move Management!

Most companies task their own staff members with moving their equipment, stock and documentation to the new premises. Unfortunately, your staff members are skilled in other areas, not office removals and so this type of mismanagement can lead to a move that takes far longer than necessary, unexpected expenses arising and often the loss of or damage to equipment, documentation and similar. At Elliott Afrovan, each and every one of our team members is skilled and experienced in move management. After a site analysis and survey, we will work out a move management plan that will ensure a quick, smooth and hassle-free move.


  • Lack of Space Planning!

Not planning your new space properly can really affect your move. Suddenly desks, chairs and waiting rooms that worked before simply don’t fit, and this can be bad news immediately and in the long run. At Elliott Afrovan, we endeavour to be in touch with your interior designer or space planner. At the very least, we can work according to your floor plan, which should be easily obtained from your landlord or the seller, if you are buying the property. By pre-planning where furniture and equipment must go, we can organise and manage the move right down to the last detail. Absolutely no time will be wasted getting things to precisely where they need to be.


  • Poor Planning of IT Relocation

Damage to just one of your servers or key computers can severely impact on your business. If you don’t have precautions in place, your IT equipment could become damaged and that could mean serious downtime, and costly repair and replacements for your business. IT equipment is sensitive and needs to be treated with care when being moved. At Elliott Afrovan, we have a specialised fleet of vehicles that boasts air suspension and tail lifts which make handling the transport of your most delicate and sensitive IT systems safer.


  • Lack of Insurance Cover

Accidents happen! We’re not saying that you will definitely have an accident, but sometimes machinery, equipment and valuables get damaged, lost and unfortunately stolen during a big move. Companies that try to handle their own move often suffer from one of more of these negative impacts. It’s impossible to have your attention focused everywhere and this is where insurance cover should come in. When working with a reliable office moving team such as ours, you get the peace of mind that the entire move is insured. We will ensure that you are promptly paid out for any damages, loss or theft – it’s unlikely that you’ll experience any of these, but if you do – we’ll make sure that you’re taken care of. All of our vehicles are also fitted with tracking devices, so that you will know where your valuables are at all times.


Gone are the days where you were expected to handle a big move on your own. These days there are office moving services available that simplify the entire process for you. In fact, you can have your move completed and be settled in your new offices in a matter of hours, instead of the days that it might take you if you try to handle it privately with your own staff members and meagre transportation options. If you would like to find out more about our services or would like a quick quote, please contact us via email or telephone at Elliott Afrovan today.

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