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Get Best Office Moving Quotes From Elliott Afrovan

If you are planning a corporate office relocation, it is best to request accurate office-moving quotes so that you can budget and plan accordingly. Nothing is worse than discovering your move is going to cost a lot more than expected, when it is too late to make other arrangements. When you are budgeting for a move, always cater for that little extra, just in case. While the professional moving company has to quote you accurately, there is a lot that you can do to ensure that the quote is as accurate as possible and that no unexpected expenses crop up along the way. Below are a few ways in which you can prepare for accurate office moving quotes:

Be precise with inventory including items inside, items outside, stock and more. Creating an inventory of all items that need to be relocated is essential to the accuracy of your quote. The inventory should include a complete listing of items to be moved and include a number of factors that will affect costs, such as the number of offices to be emptied, unusually-shaped or heavy objects and machinery, special handling requirements, valuables that need special care and particularly large items that might need specialised vehicles, amongst others.

It is required to note the distance to be travelled and you have to provide your removals company with the exact collection and delivery addresses. It goes without saying that local relocations will be cheaper than long-distance relocations. Ascertain the distance between the two points and provide this detail to the removals company if you can. It will help them to calculate their expenses and be more accurate in their estimations.

Choose a good time to move. If you are moving at the end of a month when everyone else does, or over a weekend or holiday, which is also convenient for most people, then you can expect for your removals costs to be a fair bit more expensive; worse, you may be unable to secure a removals company at all. Find out when the removals company has time available and try work around that. You could just save yourself some time and money.

Make sure that everything required is included in the quote. If you do not communicate clearly what type of service you want from your removals company, you will suffer the consequences on moving day. If you want a comprehensive service where the professionals completely pack up your offices for you and handle every aspect of the move, then the boxes, packaging tape, bubble wrap, labour and more should be included in the quote. If you plan to handle some of the arrangements yourself, make sure that you communicate this to your mover.

Consider insurance. If you want complete peace of mind, ask your office movers to include insurance in your quote. After all, if something gets damaged or goes missing along the way, you need to know that it’s covered.

We know just how overwhelming it can be to find an office-moving team with the requisite experience and great rates to match. Our team has been professionally trained in the skill of office-moving and is always prepared to put in a little extra effort to ensure that the stress of the move is lifted from your shoulders. We have dedicated removal vehicles, equipped to ensure that your goods are kept safe. While we offer insurance on all moves, it is very rare for us to process a claim. We are good at what we do and always take the utmost care with our clients’ valuables. We treat every item with care, from the general office stationery to the expensive IT equipment.

When requesting office-moving quotes from Elliott Afrovan, you can expect one of our professional consultants to pay a visit to your premises to assess the setup and provide you with a quote. This is also when a strategy is formulated for the actual day. This helps us handle your move seamlessly and eliminate potential chaos and stress. Our aim is to have your move handled quickly and painlessly. If you would like more information on our corporate relocation services, waste no more time. Send us an email or give us a call to discuss the details of your relocation and to arrange a site inspection.

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