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Moving in South Africa – From Ox Wagon to Office

As a leading office moving company in South Africa, we at Elliott Afrovan are very aware that our fellow countrymen are no strangers to pulling up stakes and relocating to new places. However, this is not to say that the people of this country don’t put down roots or are always on the move.

There is always any number of very valid reasons why people decide to go elsewhere to live and work. Sometimes, it’s imperative to change office premises and relocate the entire company to a different building, suburb, town, or city. Making office relocation smooth and stress-free is, in essence, what our company, Elliott Afrovan, accomplishes.

European Relocation to South Africa

Moving is an activity that’s been a part of living in South Africa, almost since Jan van Riebeeck arrived in what was then the Cape of Storms in April 1652. He, his wife, his three ships and the ships’ company had all moved to the Cape from their European homeland, the Netherlands….and so started the practice of moving in South Africa.

After a few years, Simon van der Stel was appointed as the VOC’s Governor of the Cape. He built his Governor’s Residence on his farm, Constantia, soon moving into this new home, Groot Constantia, nestled in the beautiful Constantia Valley.

Early Group of Ultimate Movers

Later, several die-hard groups of Dutch settlers became disenchanted with British dominion over the Cape Colony, which resulted in them moving with their families, furniture and worldly goods to the Eastern Cape. They didn’t stay there for very long, since there was constant strife with the resident Xhosa people, as well as the British settlers who arrived to settle in the Eastern Cape, and the British troops who were dispatched to quell the constant conflict between all three parties.

The Boers, once again, saw moving as their solution. Between 1835 until about 1840, the Great Trek to the northern areas of South Africa, the ultimate relocation of the time, began. The moving Boers in their ox wagons, loaded with furniture and the portable necessities of life, became known as the Voortrekkers.

These simple folk were undaunted at the prospect, challenges and hazards of trekking into the unknown with their families and furniture. One assumes that they must’ve become experts at packing, loading, offloading, and transporting their belongings in bumpy wagons, across wild, rough and raw terrain where no roads or tracks would exist for a very long time to come.  

Time Moved On

Time doesn’t stand still for anyone. Inexorably, time moved on and times changed, as did the lifestyles, activities, occupations and expectations of South Africans. Now, some 184 years beyond the beginning of the Great Trek, Elliott Afrovan has built the company’s success on a niche moving speciality, the relocation of offices in and throughout the major centres in South Africa. 

Companies, their offices, office furniture, and equipment come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, the approach taken by Elliott Afrovan is geared towards providing the most comprehensive relocation services – from planning and quoting accurately for the process, based on a personal site assessment and survey, performed by one of our company’s experienced project managers, assigned to your company’s office move.

As a preferred South African office moving company, to whom the safety, integrity, and security of your possessions is paramount, Elliott Afrovan offers a range of services that we undertake on behalf of our clients.

  • • We move the entire contents of your office – safes, furniture, screens, movable partitions, files, cabinets, bulk filing systems, fine art, pianos, and sundries.

  • • Sensitive IT systems are handled with the greatest care when they are relocated and reinstalled at the new premises.

  • • Packing and unpacking of our eco boxes.

  • • Files are packed and unpacked sequentially.

  • • Rigging of heavy equipment.

  • • We make sure to follow your floor plan and liaise with your space planner and/or interior designer.

  • • Will hold office move workshops with your company’s personnel and persons designated to facilitate the relocation.

  • • Our company offers document storage and warehousing facilities.


When moving, we use our fleet of specialised vehicles, specifically built to ensure a bump-free move. Our company’s well-maintained vehicles are fitted with tail lifts and air suspension to ensure that your office equipment is handled, loaded/offloaded, and transported without damage from bumps and potholes in the road.   

Across South Africa, Elliott Afrovan’s experience, expertise, culture of excellence, and exceptional customer service is at your disposal. Call us today for more information.

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