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Tips on Choosing the Most Suitable Office Moving Company in Gauteng for Your Relocation

For any business owner, an office or factory relocation can be the stuff that nightmares are made of.  It is difficult enough to move a private home, but when it comes to business premises, especially those that have specific needs, sensitive equipment or heavy machinery, finding a relocation service that can take care of the relocation can be difficult.  Some removal companies promise high standards of service, others give low costs, and others claim to specialise in the removal and transportation of fragile or sensitive systems and items, but at the end of the day, it is essential to find the removal service that is best placed to look after the needs of your particular business and its relocation process. 

  1. Know your needs:  Look at your specific requirements and your assets that have to be transported.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How many people are moving?

  2. Do you have sensitive equipment that has to be disconnected and packed?

  3. Are there particular heavy pieces of machinery to transport?

  4. What is your schedule in terms of the move?

  5. Can the move take place over different periods of time or all at once?

  6. How soon do you need to be up and running and fully operational again?

  7. How many pieces have to be moved (just an estimate will do)?

  8. What different aspects are there to the move, e.g. staff, equipment, systems?

  9. Are there any particular security needs?

List the items that (in your mind) will be the most important or most complicated to relocate.  Remember to take any unusual or exceptionally fragile or important pieces in mind, and list these.  Regardless of which removal service you deal with, you are going to have to answer some of these questions.  Also ensure that the removal project manager who is responsible for the quote does a thorough assessment of the premises as well, in order to pick up on anything that you may have left out.

Do your homework:  Once you have a clear idea of what your removal needs are, it is time to look at the most important aspects of moving.  Consider the difficult items or any other difficulties that you foresee with the relocation, and find a company that specialises in this – there are many relocation companies that offer an overall good relocation service, but if there are any sensitive information systems and it is crucial that the disconnection and relocation is done swiftly, find one that has ample experience with relocating these specific things.

Ask around:  While it is totally possible to find really good service providers on the internet, it is prudent to ask around as well.  Word of mouth is still one of the best ways in which to find out more about a service provider and to get recommendations.  Once a particular provider has been recommended or looks attractive to you, ask them about their track record, testimonials and also about how they deal with your particular specialist items.  Ask about their guarantees and insurance track records.  Get an idea of the services, such as packing or delivery, as well as the type of transport that they provide.  Certain removal companies specialise in particular areas of relocations, such as high volume, heavy machinery, or sensitive/fragile objects.  If your IT component is particularly large, you may want to determine whether they will be able to carry out the entire removal without your employees needing to get involved in the packing and installations.

Get numerous quotes:  While it is better to use a removal service that specialises in your particular type of relocation, it does help to get this at a decent cost.  Ask for quotes from a few relocation service providers and compare their prices to what they offer.  Also ensure that there are no hidden costs, and that insurance has been included in the quote. Sometimes the quote may not include packing or unpacking, which means that you may have to employ some extra help with this or that your employees will have to do this, which means a delay in productivity upon arrival.

Meet the project manager:  It is essential that you are able to discuss the move with someone that you can trust to handle the move.  Relocation project managers should be skilled in the planning, logistics, organisation, dismantling, transport and successful relocation of your items. 

If you are planning an office or factory relocation anywhere in South Africa, Elliott Afrovan is considered by some to be the best office moving company in Gauteng.  Give our experienced team a call today and find out more about how we can help you to relocate your business in a smooth, professional manner!

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