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Use a Professional Office Moving Company in South Africa

As an experienced office moving company, Elliott Afrovan offers complete project coordination services. In many instances, companies simply want to focus on daily business right up to the time of relocation. Some of our client companies have moved their offices over days, others weeks and several have done so over months. We assess the client requirements and complete project scope, and ensure that the moving of equipment and furniture takes place in accordance with client requirements.

Although for smaller companies the actual move may not be as complex as having to plan months ahead, for larger companies, such a move could cause extreme disruptions to workflow and even jeopardise relationships with clients. The office moving company handling the relocation project should thus be experienced, have the required equipment, specialised teams, own fleet, insurance and project leaders for the seamless relocation in order to minimise disruptions.

We fit the profile and have an impressive client list including, but not limited to:

  • Zodiac – 50 staff members, move took 9 days.
  • South African Grain Laboratory – we handled the entire project and moving process. The company has a staff of 100 and the move took 3 days.
  • Nedbank Limited – over 6000 employees, move took 12 months and was handled in 20 phases.
  • Nestlé South Africa – 300 staff members, we handled the entire project and completed the move over 3 weekends.


As can be seen from the above references, we handle large and small office moves and do so in a way that minimises disruption of client business activities. We have an experienced team available for relocation of the IT equipment, which operates under leadership of the IT relocation project managers. Every move is managed by a Central Contact Project Manager who works closely with the various members of your moving team and the Facilities Manager.

Our Services

We have our own well-maintained fleet, offer eco-friendly packing materials and have fully trained staff at all the relocations. We can move all types of equipment including office screens, bulk filing systems, furniture and IT equipment. Our services include sequential packing and unpacking of relevant files and documents, full pre-packing and unpacking services, document storage and warehousing. We have the required expertise and tools to rig heavy equipment and also have experience in moving fine art and pianos.

We work closely with client office designers, space planners and moving coordinators to ensure optimal time management, resource allocation and seamless transitions.

Planning an office move takes time and should be done correctly. A few of the steps and factors involved are briefly listed below:

    elliott afrovan office moving
  • Assess the scope of the move.
  • Determine accountability.
  • Allocate responsibilities.
  • Allocate authority.
  • Set the budget and obtain approval.
  • Get quotes and set up discussions with the selected office moving company.
  • Confirm the relevant dates.
  • Set-up the schedules for moving the supply offices, files, IT equipment, furniture and special machinery.
  • Schedule the telecommunications move.
  • Schedule moving of data servers.
  • Make sure you have the elevator schedules to streamline the moving of furniture and equipment.
  • Schedule moving of rental and vending equipment with relevant suppliers.
  • Obtain necessary insurance.
  • Schedule removal of signs.
  • Set-up disaster management plans.
  • Schedule for backing up of software and data.
  • Arrange for document storage and warehouse facilities, normally available from the moving company.
  • Make an inventory list of all the equipment and furniture.
  • Note damage on items in the inventory for control purposes.
  • Schedule cleaning of equipment and furniture.
  • Schedule cleaning of premises and the relocation premises.
  • Set up a meeting with the floor space planner, facilities manager and designers.
  • Schedule the disconnection of service equipment.
  • Arrange for plant movement and treatment.
  • Arrange for keys.
  • Arrange for traffic plan setup for entering and exiting of premises.
  • Package the relevant items and attach the necessary labels.


The above are just a few of the factors that must be considered and steps to be taken in planning the move from your old premises. Many other elements make up the move and this is why it is so important to choose an office moving company such as Elliott Afrovan. We will work with you through the entire process and help to ensure that the project goes according to plan. You can handle the portions which you prefer or leave it all to us to coordinate and lead the project. Contact us to set up an appointment for discussing your particular moving project.

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