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Office Moving Companies in Gauteng

What to Look for When Choosing Office Moving Companies in Gauteng

Relocating a business is a huge and stressful task. In addition to the planning and logistics of the actual move, you also need to ensure that the disruption to your business is as minimal as possible. Any misstep can potentially lead to a large loss of income for your organisation. Because of the importance of getting it right, it is wise to employ the services of a professional relocation company that has extensive experience in helping businesses move. If you are in the process of planning such a move, here are some of the questions you should ask yourself when choosing office moving companies in Gauteng:

Which of the Office Moving Companies in Gauteng Have a Dedicated Project Manager to Look After Your Move?

This is a very important consideration. A professional relocation company will have a dedicated project manager to help you plan every detail of your move, sharing their knowledge and expertise with you in order to make the move as smooth as possible. They will be able to listen to your specific needs and concerns, and then suggest solutions. Also, it provides you with a dedicated contact person to avoid miscommunication and confusion during the move.

Can Any of the Office Moving Companies in Gauteng Assist with Space Planning?

Space planning is vital for the optimal use of resources, as well as to support productivity and ease of work in the office. Choose a professional relocation company that can assist with this to avoid having to engage too many different vendors.

Which of the Office Moving Companies in Gauteng Have Their Own Fleet of Vehicles?

The last thing you want are suppliers outsourcing the job you entrusted them with. This is especially true for relocations. The more people handling your possessions, the less accountability there is for any damage that occurs. Choose a supplier that has its own fleet.

Do They Do Packing and Unpacking of Office Content?

This is very much an issue related to time and resources. Does the relocation company assist with the packing of boxes, or do they expect your staff to complete all the packing before they arrive to load and transport the boxes?

Can Any of the Office Moving Companies Offer You Storage Facilities in Gauteng If Needed?

Sometimes, a move is not as straightforward as picking up furniture and dropping it off at the new location. If you need to store some items temporarily (or maybe even for longer if you do not want to take everything to your new premises), can the relocation company assist with storage facilities?

Do They Have the Capability to Move Large and Heavy Equipment?

If you have heavy equipment that needs moving, is the relocation company of your choice able to handle this? Do they have the necessary equipment and large enough vehicles to handle abnormally large loads?

Do Any of the Office Moving Companies in Gauteng Have the Expertise to Move Your IT System?

This is vital. An IT system does not merely get unplugged, moved, and plugged in again. You need a moving team with the expertise to carefully remove your entire system and set it up in a working manner on the other side. Failing this, your business might come to a grinding halt, potentially costing you a great deal in lost revenue.

Are They Experts at Moving Filing Content?

Some companies have extensive and sensitive physical filing systems. Will the relocation company be able to carefully pack your filing in an orderly and logical fashion, and then unpack it on the other side whilst maintaining the same filing order?

Are Any of the Office Moving Companies in Gauteng Willing to Work Over Weekends or After Hours?

There are times when interruptions are absolutely not an option. While we all appreciate that an office relocation takes time, it might be useful to look into companies that can move your business after hours or over weekends, in order to ensure a minimal amount of disruptions for your staff during working hours.

Elliott Afrovan is one of the most trusted and experienced office moving companies in Gauteng, and we can offer you all of the services and features listed above. If you are relocating your business, give us a call today to get a competitive quote.

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