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Compare the Services of Leading Office Movers in South Africa

While there are many office movers in South Africa to choose from, we would like to tell you why you should choose Elliott Afrovan as your service provider. Moving offices is no simple task, and cannot be trusted to just anyone. Someone who has moved their own home a few times will not be an expert in the field of corporate moving. Imagine a household move on a major scale. There is far more to move when relocating a business, and there are many more people involved in the process. Think desks, chairs, tables, couches, filing cabinets, boxes, stock, equipment, assets…the list goes on.

Do Not Overload Your Employees with Moving Stress

While you can enlist all of your staff members to assist with the move, you probably want to alleviate some of the stress involved by providing them with the assistance of professional office movers in South Africa. They will certainly appreciate the helping hand. Remember that moving is considered to be one of life’s most stressful experiences.

Everyone handles the stress of a move differently. A professional moving team has more than just the right vehicles and equipment to retrieve, load, unload, and set up your entire office space. They also have extensive knowledge on how to move each type of item, and will ensure that your goods arrive on the other side unscathed. Being provided with moving support will alleviate the stress of moving for all.

Understanding the importance of carefully handling items is essential to a smooth move. That is why all Elliott Afrovan moving team members are properly trained in the art of handling furniture. Our office moving services are offered both locally and internationally, and we have successfully handled thousands of relocations over the years.

Plan Properly for Your Move with Professional Moving Help

Each and every move is unique. That is why, as leading office movers in South Africa, we take the time to truly understand what is needed before we provide a quotation and advice. We provide our clients with a dedicated moving supervisor to ensure that the relocation is handled correctly, and that there is always a point of contact if anything goes wrong along the way.

Your moving supervisor will visit your premises to see exactly what needs to be moved, and to make a list of furniture items, so that it can be referenced on moving day. This means that the moving team can be fully prepared on the day of the move. We can also provide you with a moving strategy, which means that you can assign tasks to individual staff members or departments, so that they can carry their share of the load on the big day, and so that they know what to expect.

Find Office Movers in South Africa Dedicate to You

While we, at Elliott Afrovan, are not the only office movers in South Africa that can be trusted, we are confident that we are the one for you. We can take the complexities of your move and provide real solutions, in order to ensure that the stress and strain, often associated with relocating, are minimised, and that you can get to your new premises with a few less hassles to think about along the way.

In addition to moving your office furniture, boxes, files, and stock, we can also move your sensitive equipment, computers, valuable artworks, and even antiques. We can also remove and relocate your safes, if needed.

What sets Elliott Afrovan apart from the rest, is that we take our business very seriously. We understand that you need complete peace of mind when trusting your valuables to strangers, which is why we do not hire casual staff members to help out with moves. All of our staff members are permanent and trusted employees, who have been trained (and are continuously trained and advised) in the art of moving and relocating. This means that you can have complete peace of mind that everyone on your dedicated moving team knows how to handle all types of furniture items, even if they are heavy or awkwardly sized.

If you are considering relocating, get in touch with leading office movers in South Africa for a quotation. At Elliott Afrovan, we would be delighted to assist you. Simply send us an email or give us a call, so that we can discuss the ins and outs of your upcoming move.

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