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Considerations When Hiring Professional Office Movers in Centurion

Smooth office relocation means that your business can get back to work with minimal interruptions. Moving hassles won’t just cost you time and frustration – they’ll cost you money too.  If you want to avoid a moving nightmare, it’s best to hire professional office movers in Centurion to handle your relocation for you.

The first thing you will need to do is shop around for the best office movers in your area. Specifically seek out companies that have a good reputation, a traceable track record and good testimonials. Make sure that you acquire a detailed quote. The quote should include how you are being billed. This could be by weight the number of hours the move takes or just a standard price for the entire task. The quote should include a list of items to be moved, the route that the moving company intends to take and, of course, any special requirements or things to be aware of.  Always look for insurance coverage from the movers involved. This will ensure that in the event of your furniture or property being damaged, you won’t have to fork out money for the repairs or replacements yourself.

Before the actual moving day, get rid of excess clutter and rubbish that is no longer of value or use to your business. Sell old unwanted furniture or give it away, and throw out any rubbish that is merely cluttering the place up. This will not only make the move smoother for you, but it will also make the task easier and less burdensome for your removals team.

While your employees are probably going to be involved in the move, rather leave the fragile or technical equipment to be moved by the professionals. Office movers in Centurion, such as Elliott Afrovan, have experience in moving all sorts of sensitive equipment, machinery and items. Don’t want to see your office server or computers damaged? Don’t leave it up to chance. Rather busy your staff members with preparing equipment and files for the move, and remind them that they are responsible for their personal items.

Remember that many other private individuals and professional companies will be moving at the same time as you are. You will find that it’s quite popular for a business to try to move over the weekend, so that the business doesn’t experience too much in terms of interruptions. This can become a problem if you leave booking your office movers until the last minute. It is strongly recommended that you book your move well in advance to avoid potential disappointment or disaster.

Whether you need your commercial store, office or even factory moved/relocated, our team at Elliott Afrovan is just the team to assist you. We have a network of movers countrywide and all of our team members are highly skilled and experienced in the industry. We won’t simply shove your furniture and equipment items into a van and move them. We will ensure that each item is moved with meticulous care and that every precaution is taken to safeguard sensitive or fragile items from potential damage.

Our team is also always ready and available to provide moving advice and guidance. Not sure how to package or move a particular item? Chat to one of our team members who will advise you on the options available to you. We have worked with various unusual or awkward items in the past, and have a vast number of years to rely on when it comes to experience and know-how. Just to illustrate our reputation – we have been involved in moving these big company brands in recent times: Alexander Forbes, Nedbank Limited, Nestlé, VW South Africa, SAAB and Zodiac. Please feel free to request the testimonials from each of these clients, for your reference.

If you are looking for reputable, reliable and cost-effective office movers in Centurion, waste no more time. Get in touch with our professional team of movers in your area. You will receive a service that is nothing short of exceptional, and we hope to be able to assist you with your upcoming move and future moves too. Send us an email or give us a call to discuss your needs and requirements.

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