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How Professional Office Movers and Removals Can Make All the Difference

Each year, millions of companies face the reality of a relocation. Whether you need to relocate because you need larger premises or your current lease is up, partnering with seasoned office movers and removal services can make all the difference in how well your company is able to manage the relocation.

Moving premises is not only tough on the company’s management, but can be stressful on your employees and clients too. Minimise the distraction and hassle of the relocation, and make it a smooth move with professional office movers and removals services. Here are only a few of the ways in which these experts can make the move easier on your company, employees and clients:

  • Unrivalled experience – These professionals deal with office relocations on a daily basis. While you might only deal with a relocation once every few years, these specialists earn their livelihood this way, and you will find it difficult to match their experience and expertise in this regard;

  • Established logistics – Professional office movers and removals companies have the logistics and networks in place to help you make the move to your new premises with ease. Whether you are moving to a new district in your city or moving cross country, the movers can help you make it a smooth transition to your new premises;

  • Help with the details – There are many details to take into account when moving, aside from just finding the right premises to move to. Office movers and removals specialists can help you pack up your equipment, furniture, hardware and hardcopy files, and unpack them at your new premises to lessen the load on your employees even more.


These are only a few of the ways in which office movers and removals experts can help make the relocation less arduous on your business.

Keep Your Business’s Doors Open with the Help of Office Movers and Removals Services

One thing that few business owners realise when planning an office move is how tough it is to keep normal business operations in full swing throughout the relocation. There will be downtime when your business won’t have the same capacity and access to telephony and high speed internet, which can lead to frustrated clients and missed deadlines. Specialised office movers and removals services can help to minimise the possibility of this happening.

By trusting them to take care of the details, you can rest assured that your move is managed by seasoned professionals who know what it takes to keep your business moving forward. From the required logistics to get your IT hardware delivered and set up at your new premises in no time, to making sure that your furniture is assembled and ready for your employees to move in, the movers have you covered.

At Elliott Afrovan, we have worked hard over the years to build a successful office movers and removals company that has helped thousands of South African businesses relocate. We are proud of our industry-leading reputation as seasoned and reputable service providers, and work with small to medium and large sized companies, to arrange and execute cross country moves and inner city relocations.

National Network of Office Movers and Removals Specialists

We also have a strong national network of seasoned and experienced teams that provides the best moving service. This ensures that your relocation is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Our seasoned IT and Office Relocation Project Managers bring years of experience to the industry, and have what it takes to help you execute a flawless move. The company has IT and Office Relocation Divisions at all major centres in the country, and our seasoned teams are experienced in the safe handling and rigging of any IT equipment and fine art.

Our fleet of vehicles is equipped with tail lifts and air suspension to ensure the most delicate handling and transportation of your sensitive IT systems and hardware at all times. Each vehicle is also fitted with a state-of-the-art tracking device, which only further ensures the security of your valuable cargo. Speak to our team of office movers and removals specialists to find out how we can help make your company’s relocation easier on all involved.

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