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What to Expect from Leading South African Office Movers!

Whether you are downsizing, upsizing, refurbishing, or just trying to move your business to a new neighbourhood, the plights of office relocations are all the same. You might find that there are many South African office movers around, but not all of them are able to methodically plan and execute your removal project with the same accuracy and attention to detail as others. Elliott Afrovan sets a fine example to other industry service providers with its efficient services, expertise in the business, and competitive rates.

One of the first things on your mind will probably be the disruption of your business. No business owner wants to face downtime during a move and this time can be kept to a minimum if you hire a professional removals team to assist with the entire process. At Elliott Afrovan, we consider ourselves specialists in our field and we owe our great reputation and efficiency to our meticulous planning. In fact, we firmly believe that strategic planning is the key to a successful move and that is the very reason we take the time to understand your corporate move objectives and put together a moving day schedule that truly benefits your business.

We offer expert removal services for all kinds of items including furniture, equipment, office files, artwork, safes, and practically anything else, even if it is awkwardly shaped or sized. Each one of our team members is highly skilled and experienced. We do not simply hire casual labourers on the day of your move. We train each of our removal experts on how to handle, carry, and manoeuvre items. Continued training ensures that we always have a staff complement with experience and know-how for the job, regardless of what you need to move. We offer our services both locally and nationally, which means that you can move long distance or just around the block, and we will be able to assist you either way.

The first step that Elliott Afrovan takes is to understand your business. Understanding the objectives of your business and the move will help us to understand how you like to have things done. We can then evaluate the scope of the removals project and ensure that any special precautions and preparations are anticipated and clearly communicated between all staff members working on the project. South African office movers that will take care of your business furniture and items as if it were their own are not ten a penny these days. Our team is dedicated and committed to every project presented to us, whether it is big or small.

Here are a few reasons why our business and services trump other office movers in South Africa:

• We have access to our own fleet of vehicles. All our vehicles are fitted with features to ensure the smoothest possible ride for office furniture and equipment. These include air suspension and tail lifts.

• We offer affordable insurance cover to our clients and also have each vehicle fitted with a tracking device for added security and peace of mind.

• We have handled highly valuable and delicate items in the past, including fragile IT equipment, safes, artwork, and pianos, to name a few.

• We evaluate your items to be moved prior to moving day so that we are sure to bring the right number of staff members to assist.

• We offer additional services to help your move go smoothly. These include packing and boxing, file sorting, unpacking at the new premises, dismantling and setting up furniture pieces, and so on. Our team members are reliable and trustworthy – we make sure of it.

• We can supply you with all required packing materials including boxes, tape, bubble wrap, paper, and similar. All you need to do is ask.

The Elliott Afrovan team takes its responsibilities very seriously. From the very moment that you make contact with our removal experts, you can expect a friendly approach and wealth of information and advice to be readily available. If you would like to learn more about our office moving services or would like to receive a quotation for your upcoming move, simply get in touch with us via email or telephone at Elliott Afrovan today.

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