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Relocation Tips from Your Long Distance Office Movers

Moving your office over a long distance can be an overwhelming endeavour. Not only are you faced with a new area and a few hours or travel (potentially) ahead of you, you will also need to worry about your office furniture, IT equipment, specialised machinery, stock and documents making it to their destination safe, sound and on time.

One of the biggest challenges of a long-distance office move is saving time and effort. After all, a regular short distance move imposes enough downtime as it is; with a long-distance move, you can expect your business to come to a standstill for a bit longer. If you want to mitigate the stress and downtime involved in a long-distance office relocation, hire professional long-distance office movers, but before you do so, make sure that all of your existing clients are advised of your upcoming move. You should also advertise your move outside your business premises and on your website so that your long-distance relocation does not come as a surprise to any customers or potential customers.

Your chosen long-distance office movers should be your dedicated partners in your move and that means that they are actively involved in the process and not just around to help with the lifting and carrying. At Elliott Afrovan for example, every move is treated as a new project. A consultant will visit your premises and ensure that there is a strategy drawn up for the actual day of the move. A list of furniture items should be compiled, along with their current location at the old premises and planned placement at the new premises. This is done for ease of reference and to keep track of items as they are packed, loaded, finally unloaded and correctly placed at the destination premises. While the assessment is in progress, discuss specialised packaging needs, sensitive or fragile items and provide the movers of any special requirements or preferences you have with regards to the moving of your office contents.

Professional movers will have your best interests and the safety of your office contents at heart. Of course, there is the fear that furniture items will be scratched or broken and that IT equipment might not work when it gets to its final destination. Worst of all, you might not have faith that your office items will even make it to the other side. Theft is an unfortunate reality in the moving industry. We have thought of it all, so we offer our clients great insurance options, which means that if anything gets damaged or goes missing, you will be covered. Of course, insurance claims are very rare when you are moving with us.

We also have our own specialised removals vehicles that are designed to carry the load and provide the least bumpy ride for your goods. To keep track of consignments, vehicles can be tracked, making for unmatched peace of mind. In addition to this, every team member working on relocations has received comprehensive training on long-distance moves. Everything from how to pack boxes to carrying of heavy or fragile equipment is covered. You will be dealing with a team that knows what to do.

On the other side, our team will not just offload your goods and leave you to sort out the mess. We know that you need to get your office up and running as quickly as possible and that time is money. With this in mind, we will unpack your goods and place them precisely where you need them to be. We will even set them up and construct items as required. Just let us know what your needs and expectations are and we will cater for them; it is the way we do business. It goes without saying that we have been a leading long-distance removals company for a long time and that with our help, the stress and downtime associated with a move can be greatly eased.

If you would like to learn more about leading long-distance office movers in your area and do not want to compromise on the safe arrival of your office contents, waste no more time. Get in touch with us at Elliott Afrovan via email or telephone and let us carry the load for you.

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