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Office Furniture Moving Companies

A Leader Amongst Office Furniture Moving Companies

Because there so many different types of businesses and each type of endeavour has different needs, today’s huge choice of office furniture and décor reflect this diversity and illustrate the companies’ respective corporate cultures and images.

Traditional Furnishings

Office furniture is typically selected according to the client’s type of business, décor and style preferences, and their company or brand image. For example, one may associate antiques and heavier, carved solid wood furnishings that include large desks, big bookshelves, and bulky chairs with firms of attorneys and accountants, as well as corporate headquarters. Moving these types of heavy, cumbersome items is, unfortunately, an extremely complex task.

Funky Fun Furniture

Modern companies that foster and value creativity and individuality amongst their employees are likely to furnish their premises with bright colours, the latest trendy office furniture, and fun elements to appeal to like-minded customers and vendors. Moving company employees must have the ability to recognise how best to handle any and every type of workplace appointments.

Trained to Handle Both

Consequently, it’s very important that other companies, such as Elliott Afrovan, which specialise in office moving, are manned by properly trained moving teams who are committed to their tasks, the safety of the furniture that is to be moved, and the peace of mind of the clients.

At Elliott Afrovan, our personnel is also professionally equipped to pack and package, lift, dismantle and reassemble, handle, safely move, and transport various types of office furniture and related equipment, whether they be cumbersome and heavy or lightweight and fragile. 


These are the cornerstones by which successful and reputable office furniture moving companies are evaluated, judged, and rated. Some fail to make the grade, while others excel and exceed their clients’ expectations.

According to testimonials from our esteemed clients, we, at Elliott Afrovan, are part of the latter group. We plan to stay there and cement our position as “leaders in the planning, routing, distribution, and logistics of IT equipment and office furniture”.

Minimal Insurance Claims

We’re delighted and proud that the history of our insurance claims reflects so few, infrequent actual claims. In the rare and unlikely event that an insurance claim does arise, our insurers guarantee minimal bureaucratic, time-consuming red tape.

Instead, they’ll ensure that we receive a prompt settlement on behalf of our valued clients. Such a guarantee is seldom given to a moving company by any insurer, a fact that doesn’t escape us or the attention of our reassured clients.

Client Companies

We are proud to have completed the moving of office furniture and equipment for these major companies in the times and time slots indicated, which were those that best suited the clients and the size and extent of their move, in order to least affect their smooth transition, while retaining ongoing, productive business activities:

  • • Alexander Forbes – 4 weekends (full project management and move process – 1 000 staff members).
  • • Nedbank Limited – 20 phases over a 12-month period (full project management and move process –       6 000 staff members).
  • • Nestlé South Africa – 3 weekends (full project management and move process – 300 staff members).
  • • VW South Africa – 3 days (full project management and move process – 150 staff members).
  • • Southern African Grain Laboratory – 3 days (full project management and move process – 100 staff members).
  • • Zodiac – 9 days (50 staff members).
  • • SAAB – 3 days (day plus night shift – 30 staff members).


People who are knowledgeable about the business world in South Africa and the relevant role players will understand the extent of knowledge, training, and expertise required to successfully complete office furniture and equipment moving for each of these companies, because of the nature of their respective businesses and the type of equipment that had to be moved, relocated, and set up again.

Potential new clients who envisage relocating their businesses should note that our field of expertise and services extends beyond just moving office furniture for companies. We also attend to IT relocations, fine art relocations, and the relocation of extremely heavy items, such as safes and pianos. We’re highly recommended by the companies listed above and we look forward to assisting your company too.

Contact us for more information about how we can make your move as easy as possible.

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