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Hire Professional Office Furniture Movers in South Africa for Your Relocation

When it is time to relocate, move your business forward with Elliott Afrovan. It is not easy to relocate your business and if you want to ensure that it gets done successfully, you will need to hire professionals to assist you. It is easy to find office furniture movers in South Africa, but finding the right one to help you is the difficult task. Most importantly, make sure to partner with a moving company that is both reliable and experienced. At Elliott Afrovan, we have assisted all types of businesses with their relocation and have earned ourselves a fantastic reputation in the industry.

With a long history in the office relocation industry, we can confidently say that we can move your business from A to B with minimal hassle. While we take care of the nitty-gritty details of the move, you can focus on managing your staff. In addition to helping you to relocate your office with ease, we also offer space layout services to help you make the most of your new premises. We can help you plan the layout of the new premises to ensure maximum comfort, ergonomics and productivity between all departments.

An added bonus is that if we handle your relocation, you can leave it to us to pack up your hard-copy files, hardware and IT equipment. Moreover, our professional team of movers can dissemble office furniture and then assemble it at the new premises. Once at the new premises, we can do the unpacking of your files and folders, as well as assembling your IT equipment. In this way, we remove some of the burden and hassle from your employees and allow them to get right back to work as soon as they arrive at the new office. These are but a few of the ways in which we can offer you even greater value for money and peace of mind.

Our Moving Vans Feature Air Suspension and Tail Lifts

Hiring a professional moving company means that the correct equipment, vehicles, and moving techniques will be used. A great deal of time and effort has gone into ensuring that our business is well prepared and equipped for the services that we offer. In fact, we have fitted all of our vehicles with air suspension and tail lifts to ensure the most delicate handling of your sensitive IT systems and value items. Our fleet is also fitted with the most technologically advanced tracking devices for security purposes. A sure sign of our dedication to service excellence by providing reliable, affordable, and expert relocation solutions.

Relocation Services Offered by Elliott Afrovan

We offer an extensive range of services and it is this all-inclusive range of services that make us a leading office furniture movers company in South Africa. Moving involves more than just loading furniture and getting them to a different premise. These services include the following:

  • • Relocation of all furniture, safes, equipment and more.

  • • Careful moving of IT systems. We have experience in handling sensitive equipment.

  • • Packing and unpacking of all boxes.

  • • Space planning and office layout assistance. We ensure that the new workspace is ergonomically set up and the available space has been utilised effectively.

  • • Packing and unpacking of files. We will ensure that files are organised chronologically once unpacked.

  • • Dissembling and assembling of heavy equipment, machinery and similar.


Elliott Afrovan Keeps South African Businesses Moving Forward

As leading office furniture movers in South Africa, we have provided professional services to many big industry brands. Some of our clients include the likes of Nedbank, Volkswagen South Africa, Alexander Forbes, and Zodiac. While we have experience in helping big companies with their relocations, we are also available to assist smaller companies to relocate both long and short distances.

When looking for an office moving company in your area, take the time to fully investigate the type of service you need, keeping in mind the various requirements you have. Our team is available to provide you with information, advice and an all-inclusive quote.

For more useful information and advice from expert office furniture movers in South Africa, contact our team at Elliott Afrovan today. They are standing by to assist you whichever way they can.

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