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Why Make Use of Elliott Afrovan Office Furniture Movers?

Elliott Afrovan has several experienced teams of office furniture movers and we offer our services countrywide. Since we know how important it is for companies to have their offices, plants, valuables and factories moved within specific timeframes with the least possible problems, we appoint project managers for every move. This ensures that you will have a go-to person and someone to take responsibility for the coordination effort.

With strong leadership, experience and enough manpower to handle anything from the smallest office move to the largest multi-branch relocation, we can give you the assurance that your office will be moved within the required timeframe.

We have IT relocation project managers to handle the relocation of sensitive and expensive IT equipment, without the loss of data and functionality. Our team inspects your current premises and the desired location. They will not do anything without proper planning. Factors such as backups, sensitive hard drives, temperature control, network cables and layouts, connection points and weight are all considered.

Our IT office equipment movers will work closely with your IT department and facilities managers, to ensure a seamless transition from your current location to the new premises. You can have us disassemble, pack, and unpack, as well as install the equipment at the new location, or have us do only the packing and moving. We work around your requirements at times that will cause the least interruption to operations, and we offer data warehousing options.

Accurate Quotes

One of the problems often experienced when making use of office furniture movers is the inability of companies to make accurate estimates. Doing an online quote without having fully assessed the types of loads, venue from where relocation needs to take place, the distance, new location and the timeframe in which it must be done, is the perfect recipe for a quote disaster. Once the company has quoted, they are bound to keep within their quote. This leads to compromise on quality and the client company has to shoulder the damage and mismanagement.

When you make use of Elliott Afrovan as your office furniture movers, you will not risk unpleasant cost surprises, damage or compromise on quality of service delivery. Our assessors do a proper job and only provide a quote once they have made a full assessment of the client requirements and the project. This means getting exactly what you request.

Own Fleet of Vehicles

Another problem experienced when dealing with office furniture movers is that they often outsource the actual transport of goods to another company. This is risky business and should be avoided. It is best to deal with a company that has its own fleet, as the company will then have full control over the maintenance and whereabouts of their vehicles. You will also pay less if the company has its own fleet.

We have an extensive fleet of well-maintained and regularly serviced vehicles. Our trucks come with special suspension systems to ensure a smooth ride. In addition, we have the required rigging systems and thus do not risk damage to your equipment during loading or off-loading. We can also ensure temperature controlled and dust-free environments for the transport of electronic equipment.

All of our Vehicles are Fitted with Tracking Devices

This is beneficial for several reasons:

  • Provides us with the ability to monitor the whereabouts of vehicles 24/7.
  • Gives you peace of mind, knowing exactly where your valuables are.
  • Provides us a means to locate a vehicle that is hijacked or stolen.
  • Ensures that our vehicle operators do not take detours.
  • Ensures that we can plan routes for optimal fuel and time efficiency.



We have an excellent insurance company that pays out fast. However, we rarely need to claim and our impeccable insurance record is evidence to this, which is also reassuring for our clients.

Services Offered

Having to make use of several office moving companies because they each specialise in a particular type of move can become rather confusing. We, on the other hand, provide turnkey solutions. This means that we can move a small office or large corporation’s furniture and equipment with equal ease.

Our list of completed projects and satisfied clients should give you an indication of our flexibility, capacity and expertise. Review the list and contact us today to discuss your particular office relocation requirements.

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