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Why Hiring Professional Office-Furniture Movers is Beneficial to Your Business

The time to move office has come and as moving day approaches, you can almost feel the tension in the air each day at the office. The stress of moving office can take its toll on staff members and if not correctly managed, can have a negative impact on the business’s bottom line. It can even filter down to customer care. How do you combat this type of stress and ensure that your relocation goes smoothly? Hiring professional office furniture movers is step in the right direction. Office movers can provide more than just a helping hand; they can handle the entire process and simplify things for you and your staff. Professional movers of office furniture will be able to reduce the stress and carry the load, but what does that mean? What exactly can professional office furniture movers do for you? Let us take a look…

  • Develop Moving Strategies. The moving company will assess the amount of labour required for moving day and develop a moving strategy that takes all staff members into consideration. Professional movers can devise a moving plan that can simplify moving processes and also ensure that all staff members are aware of what is happening, and what needs to happen at every step of the way.

  • Assist with Moving Preparation. Office-furniture movers can pack, wrap, and prepare your entire office for the move. Your staff members are undoubtedly very busy with their daily tasks and chores. Adding packing and preparation to their to-do lists will merely increase stress levels and lead to frustration. When you hire professional movers of office furniture, the entire process can be handled on your behalf. A packing team can visit your premises and handle all the packing of the boxes, files, and stock. They can also ensure that furniture pieces are dismantled and prepared to move. On the other side, the same team can unpack items in the correct places within the new office space and help to assemble furniture, unpack files, and ensure that your business is up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Provide Insurance Cover. Professional office furniture movers have access to comprehensive insurance cover. When moving, sometimes things go missing or get damaged. While the office movers should take every care to get your goods offloaded unscathed, sometimes damage is unavoidable. In these instances, insurance cover is necessary to ensure that the damage or loss does not have a negative financial impact on your business.

  • Reduce Stress. Experienced movers will get you there quickly and efficiently. Many business owners believe that they have enough hands to get the business moved by using their staff members. While staff members can be very helpful, their main skill and focus are not relocating offices. With the help of dedicated professional movers, your office furniture and goods will be moved quickly and effectively – no hassle, no fuss.

  • Provide Packing Materials. Office-furniture movers can provide the required packaging and moving materials. When moving office, there is a need for boxes, bubble wrap, tape, permanent markers, labels, and more. Instead of running up and down to the grocery store, get all your packing materials from your office-furniture movers.

Elliott Afrovan – Professional Office-Furniture Movers in South Africa

At Elliott Afrovan, we believe in providing our clients with a professional, top-notch service. More importantly, we believe in providing our clients with complete peace of mind. In addition to our array of services, we also have a fleet of vehicles modified to ensure a safer move for your business. Our vehicles’ air suspension systems ensure that your furniture and goods are not unduly bumped and knocked around during a move and to prevent theft and loss, our vehicles are all fitted with tracking devices. Before we can start planning your relocation, it is best for one of our consultants to visit your premises to assess what needs to be moved and just how much effort your move will entail. We will also need to create a detailed list of all items to be moved so that we can provide you with an accurate, all-inclusive quotation.

Want to take the next step? Arrange an appointment with an Elliott Afrovan consultant. You can contact us via email or telephone for more information and advice today.

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