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Factors that Will Affect Your Office Move After You Have Hired Your Furniture Office Movers

There are so many things to think about when you plan to relocate your business and while selecting the right office furniture movers is probably the first and most important step, a great deal of additional planning has to go into it as well. Taking a look at the factors that will affect your business move is of vital importance. One of the most important reasons for a business to move is that the local infrastructure just is not of the required quality. Where you move can really make or break your business, but when you plan to seek out greener pastures, make sure that the challenges and unexpected costs of a move do not end up damaging your business as much as staying in the wrong location would have done.

Staff Members

Keep in mind that a relocation will affect your staff members a great deal. Their daily tasks will be disrupted, their work environment will change, and chances are that they will experience stress and strain along the way. The trick is to ensure that your staff members feel as if they are part of the process. This is how you will be able to encourage them to accept and embrace the change with greater ease. The transition phase can be risky, but planning and strategising ahead can help to keep everyone informed and on the same page. We suggest that you consult with us prior to your move so that we can visit the premises and plan the packing up, collection, and dropping off of your goods. We can also help your staff members to understand just what to expect leading up to and on moving day.

Safety of Goods in Transit

No one is going to be happy if their desk or computer is damaged in the move. Depending on where you currently operate from, relocating can be tough, especially if you have sensitive equipment and items that can easily become damaged that have to be move. This is where the experience of your office furniture movers comes into play. It is also important to ensure that they have all the equipment, accessories, and manpower to get your goods to their destination unscathed. We work with permanent team members who we spend time training in the art of careful furniture moving. We have also worked with all kinds of fragile, valuable, and awkwardly sized objects. In fact, we are quite the experts in moving fine art and sensitive IT equipment. Our vehicles also have specialised air suspension systems and tail lifts, to smooth away the bumps and knocks along the way. We do not have to sing our own praises when it comes to experience; all you have to do is read a few of our client testimonials!

How Long the Move Takes

This is a huge factor for any business and this can be directly affected by which office furniture movers you choose to work with. No business wants to be out of commission for a minute longer than is absolutely necessary, so careful planning must be done to ensure that no time is wasted. To ensure that your staff members can focus on their duties without being distracted with packing, labelling boxes, and dismantling furniture, our professional office movers will handle all those time-consuming tasks on your behalf. What is more is that we will ensure that you are ready to go on time and that everything is swiftly unpacked and set up for you on the other side.

The Security Aspect

No move will go smoothly if you are worried about loss, theft, and damage. The first step is to ensure that your removals company offers sound insurance cover for all of this. We will provide insurance cover against loss and damage, but we will also ensure that nothing unexpected happens along the way. All our vehicles are fitted with trackers, so that we can keep a close eye on your goods at all times.

These are just a few factors that will affect the cost and effort that must go into your office move. To learn more, simply contact your local office furniture movers: Elliott Afrovan. We would love to assist you with getting your business moved and up and running in the shortest time possible.

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