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4 Good Reasons to Use Professional Office Furniture Movers for Your Office Relocation

It is no secret that moving is one of the most stressful things one can do. Relocation moves people out of their comfort zones, and this is also true of office moves. While it may seem simple on the surface to move a work environment from one place to another, it essentially means that the place where most of the daylight hours are spent is changing, and this can have a serious impact on business owners, business managers and employees. Moving an office can be very complicated, and when heavy machinery, complicated networks and technology are also involved, it can result in delays in productivity and repercussions for the profitability of the business.

Experts recommend that only professional office movers are used to relocate businesses, and there are many reasons for this. Here we examine some of the most important issues relating to the relocation of an office and why it is important to have the move professionally organised and carried out by experienced office furniture movers that have access to talented technology teams and advanced furniture carriers.

  • Stress and anxiety is reduced: While it is stressful for the business owner or business managers to move from one location to another, the workforce is also affected. Most employees spend eight hours or more per day in their working environment, and changing this environment needs a period of adjustment that can be stressful. Figuring out how the new location works and how to deal with different logistics may elevate anxiety and reduce productivity, so it is important that everything is moved as swiftly as possible, with as little change in environment as possible, in order to reduce the adjustment timeframe and increase productivity levels as soon as possible. 

Business owners also stress about the time that it takes to move and off-time of machinery or office technology. Even one day’s downtime can put a dent in monthly figures, so it is vital that the move is carried out quickly and effectively, in order to hit the ground running on the other side. Professional office movers relocate businesses on a daily basis and have experience in the logistics and requirements of these moves, thus creating as little impact on downtime as possible before, during and after the relocation.

  • Fast and easy: Because office removal companies are well versed in the variety of requirements of the move and have access to technology experts that can disconnect and reconnect advanced systems, they are able to quickly carry out the move and ensure that everything works correctly on the other side. At Elliott Afrovan, we ensure that all our clients have a dedicated project manager who is accountable for the move. One phone call is all that is needed to make an appointment with a project manager who will inspect the site and discuss the complexity of the move. He or she will then work out all the logistics against the time frames and work out a quote for the move. A variety of experts are also available for all moves – from the packaging of possessions and assets, to the disconnection and reconnection of all technology systems and networks.

  • Safety is important: All assets of a company – from its expensive technology to sensitive information – are vital to the functionality of the business. Often, expensive equipment and personal possessions have to be moved, and this has to be done safely and securely. Professional office furniture movers are able to relocate all assets and equipment in safety, and carry insurance to ensure that there is recourse in the rare case that anything goes wrong.

  • Cost effectiveness: While professional office or business movers often cost more than residential movers, the services they provide are invaluable. Some offer really cost-effective options and include the use of their own technology, packaging and removal experts where needed. Boxes, storage and other packaging materials are also provided, and business owners can rest assured that when they deal with Elliott Afrovan, that they will receive outstanding value for money.

More about Elliott Afrovan Office Furniture Movers

We consider your business important and we are specialists in the relocation of businesses, factories and even the moving of art across small and large distances. We have highly experienced and skilled project managers and staff who plan, organise and carry out the move, and we ensure that the move is done safely and securely. We have a fleet of advanced vehicles with soft suspension to decrease shock to your assets, and our countrywide moving professionals are always on hand to ensure that you get top -lass service and great value for money. 

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