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Office Furniture Move Quote

The Quintessential Quote for Your Office Furniture Move

As a business owner or senior business executive, you’re undoubtedly only too familiar with facing challenges that are not of your making, but yours to resolve. It’s a highly frustrating experience to have such challenges and obstacles imposed upon you, but it’s part of your job and responsibilities to sort out problems, seek solutions, make the most appropriate decisions, and celebrate a successful conclusion. The same is applicable when it comes to moving your office to a new premise.

Why Move at All?

Conditions and circumstances constantly change when it comes to business. Due to any number of factors, your current work premises may no longer suit the smooth operation of your business. As a result, it’s time to move. After evaluating your situation, you realise that you need to obtain an equitable quote to move your entire business operation, office furniture and all, to new premises.

Here are some reasons why your business must take the next step:

  • The business may have outgrown its current premises. Your employees are beginning to feel like sardines, crammed together in a can, with barely enough space to manoeuvre without bumping into one another or a piece of furniture. All you can visualise is space, space and more space for your personnel and office equipment. Productivity is being impacted negatively through lack of space, which results to be an unhealthy, overcrowded working environment.


  • Other businesses have opened in the same area, which has become a great deal busier. Parking space for staff members and visitors is costly, and there’s no longer sufficient space for all. This situation may soon be responsible for turning away new customers.
  • Due to economic factors and increased reliance on and use of modern technology, you have more staff members than what you need. You cannot justify the number of people you employ, because there’s not enough work to keep everyone on your payroll productively and gainfully occupied. It makes sense to downsize and restructure your operation. After finding more suitable, somewhat smaller premises that meet your streamlined business’s requirements, you also require one or more quotes to move your office furniture and equipment.


  • The area in which your offices are situated was once a prime business location – it was central and convenient, welcoming, safe, and secure. Your employees, their possessions, and vehicles were safe. No one felt unsafe, fearing for situations like being mugged, robbed, harmed, or hijacked. But urban decay has set in, making this the right time to obtain a quote to move.
  • Monthly rentals have increased disproportionately.


  • The building has been sold and the new owners are imposing conditions to you, as a tenant, which doesn't suit you. Plus, your lease is about to expire, but instead of signing another lease, you decided that you’d rather seek new premises, plus a quote to move all your office furniture and equipment elsewhere.

All Important Quote to Relocate

Like all successful business executives seeking professional services from a vendor, you must obtain one or more quotes to move the office furniture in the process of relocating your operation. Remember, the cheapest quote is not necessarily the best.

You must obtain a fully comprehensive, accurate, and professionally put together quote for the entire job, including what it entails and what it excludes. Hidden or incidental extra costs are the last things you want whilst moving. As such, it’s imperative that you deal with professional relocation experts, such as Elliott Afrovan, one of South Africa’s leaders in this specialised field.

At Elliott Afrovan, we’ve established a proud record in our sphere of operations. Before we provide you with a clear, comprehensive quote to move your office furniture, heavy items, irreplaceable fine art, and sensitive IT systems, we conduct a full, site evaluation and survey that includes, but is not limited to planning, routing, packing, moving, transporting, unpacking boxes, and if necessary, disassembling and reassembling your office furniture.

Every modern business relies extensively on its IT systems, without which productivity virtually comes to a standstill. Elliott Afrovan is well aware of the vital importance of this technology and its role in your organisation.  We strive to make your office and furniture move – in its entirety – as safe and hassle-free as is humanly possible, because that’s what our own business and reputation are built on.

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