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Office Equipment Moving Company

A Moving Company Specialising in Moving Office Equipment

When you decide that it’s time to relocate your company, you’ve made a significant decision to which costs and a certain amount of downtime is attached. Downtime, during which your organisation is only partially or completely non-operational, is also costly.

Importance of IT Systems

When you’re moving, your IT and other communication and recordkeeping systems, as well as other essential office equipment items must be reinstalled and fully operational again, as soon as possible. The adage applies – time is money and monetary profits are your company’s bottom line – that which makes your business a successful, profitable enterprise.

Today’s IT systems are sophisticated and complex business tools and aids. Few, if any, modern enterprises can afford to be without a fully functional IT system. It follows that handling, transporting and reinstalling an IT system in the process of moving your company’s office premises to a new location requires the services of an expert office moving company’s IT specialists – a specialist in relocating specialised items.

Mission and Focus

Our expertise and experience in all aspects of moving all types of office equipment, IT systems included, is a distinctive aspect of our highly specialised office relocation company, Elliott Afrovan. Because there was once a lack of concerns that focused on relocating businesses, as opposed to home and general relocations, we made safe, comprehensive and competent business moves our mission, speciality, and focus at Elliott Afrovan.

Distinguishing Qualities

Other qualities that distinguish us at Elliott Afrovan include, but are not limited to:

  • Our commitment to your company and its move, right from the planning and quote stage, through to our close working partnership with your facilities manager, space planner, interior designer, decorator, and both internal and external service providers and vendors, ensuring that we also adhere to your specific requirements.

  • We use only our own fleet of smartly branded, well-maintained company vehicles. No sub-contractors are used, thus ensuring that full control and fleet management remain in our capable hands.

  • All our vehicles are fitted with tracking systems to protect their contents in transit – your organisation’s prized possessions.

  • Our vehicles’ tail lifts and state-of-the-art air suspension systems ensure that your office equipment and heavy items like safes, fridges and pianos are handled, loaded and transported safely and securely.

  • Every company office equipment moving project is allocated to an experienced Elliott Afrovan project manager, who initially “will accurately plan and quote” for “your office move, based on a site evaluation and survey”.

  • Elliott Afrovan employs relocation teams in all major South African centres, enabling our organisation to provide our business equipment moving services throughout the country. IT system specialists are included in these teams.

  • We use our eco-friendly boxes for packing items which are suited to this method of packaging.

  • Files and documents are packed and unpacked sequentially, avoiding confusion, mix-ups and extra, unnecessary, time-consuming work for your employees at the new premises.

  • Elliott Afrovan has a sterling claims record with our insurers, so much so that they guarantee us a speedy settlement with minimal, time-consuming red tape and bureaucratic delays, should a claim arise – an extremely rare occurrence.

  • If required, our teams have the requisite knowledge, skills, training, and wherewithal to take apart, move, transport, and reassemble particularly heavy and bulky furniture, safely and undamaged.

  • We make every possible effort to ensure that your staff members are able to arrive at work, at their new premises and workplaces/workstations, effortlessly, there to resume work virtually at once.

  • Elliott Afrovan endeavours to adhere to your requirements and specifications that pertain to all reasonable aspects of your move.

  • For your convenience and reassurance, we’re delighted to offer you lists of customer testimonials and major clients for whom we’ve provided our comprehensive services, during the time slots that best suited the clients and least inconvenienced them or their own customers.

  • We share a vitally significant goal with you – a successful, stress-free, punctual business relocation.


We’re proud of our professionally managed, comprehensive factory and corporate office equipment moving solutions and our dedicated, committed and well-trained relocation teams, under the leadership and guidance of experienced, customer-focused central project manager.

Committed and Preferred

Our commitment to customer service excellence is unrelenting. We are Elliott Afrovan, leaders in our field – “planning, routing, distribution and logistics of your IT equipment and office furniture” - your preferred moving company, in and throughout South Africa.

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