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Save Time, Money and Frustration with Professional Office Equipment Movers

When the time comes to move business premises, stress levels can skyrocket. Not only do you have to worry about staff members pulling their weight with moving their office items, but you also have to worry about making sure that your clients are not neglected during the course of the move. It can be a difficult process and that is why so many businesses turn to the assistance of professional office equipment movers. By entrusting your move to the professionals, you can expect a speedy removal service that has you at your new premises, set up, and ready to take on business and its challenges once more, with minimal hassles involved.

While moving the desks, chairs, cupboards, tables, and similar furniture items are of concern, they are not the biggest concern for business owners. If you operate computer equipment or other specialised equipment of any nature, you are sure to be worried about potential damage or even loss of items during the move. Simply moving items on the back of your bakkie or in staff members’ vehicles is looking for trouble, especially in terms of damage that could end up being extremely costly to repair. That is where our professional moving team comes in. We have extensive experience in moving heavy, irregular, or sensitive equipment with zero damage. It is not just thanks to the way we package and handle these types of items when transferring them to and from our vehicles (which is meticulous, to the finest detail), but also thanks to the specialised vehicles we use.

It is critical that IT equipment and specialised machinery are not knocked and bumped around during a move, but you might have realised, in the light of past moving experiences, that this is not always that simple or easy to ensure. With most relocations, a few knocks and bumps are unavoidable, but  if you are using Elliott Afrovan to assist you, these can be all but avoided. All of our vehicles are equipped with air suspension and tail lifts, which means that your equipment will have the smoothest, bump-free ride possible. Even the most sensitive of IT systems can be moved safely this way.

If it is peace of mind that you are looking for, you will find it in in our removal service. If you are also worried about what might happen while we are on the road – after all, theft and accidents are a reality, especially in South Africa – don’t be, because we have that covered too. We will offer you some great insurance cover options for those remote “just in case” scenarios and we also have tracking devices on our vehicles so that we know where your valuable assets and goods are at all times.

We do not simply cart around and deliver office equipment. We truly get involved. If you need a helping hand with the packing and organising of goods prior to the move, you can expect us to be there for you. We will wrap, pack, store, and transport goods as required. On the other side, we will gladly help with assembling furniture and making sure that each transported item makes it to its designated space. We do not want you wasting precious money-earning business hours trying to place desks or set up systems and workspaces. That is what we are here for and we are only too glad to be able to assist.

A smooth move might seem like an impossibility, but it is not. Not with the right, professional, and experienced office equipment movers on your side. We do not only work in the Gauteng area; we can assist with your move from A to B, whether it is across the country or across town, the choice is yours. We have the manpower, the equipment, the vehicles and the know-how. Who better to trust with your office relocation than a company that has been serving the industry for years and takes pride in providing customer service excellence that is hard to match.

It is time to get moving and there is no time to waste. You can never be too prepared for an office move. If you would like further information and advice on our office equipment moving services and need some tips on how to make your relocation a stress-free one, do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephone at Elliott Afrovan today.

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