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Moving Offices Made Easy

Daily, at our specialised removal and relocation company, we come across virtually all of the reasons ever given for moving offices or factories, and they are all valid. One organisation may require larger premises due to growth; another may be downsizing, streamlining or mechanising, thus needing more compact quarters, and yet another may simply want to upgrade to a more exclusive address, somewhere that reflects their image and corporate branding better.

A frequently encountered reason for moving offices is the urban decay of a particular area. Increased crime rates and the need for more security, both for staff members and customers, is another.

Lack of sufficient parking space may also cause businesses to seek alternative accommodation, whilst others may find that landlords have increased rentals to such an extent that the tenant company prefers to find a more affordable alternative.

Daunting Prospect

Regardless of the reason for moving offices, the mere thought of how much work and effort is involved will seem daunting to most company executives. Of course, it can be just so or worse, or you can contact us to assist you, ensuring that your move is relatively stress-free, painless and quick.

We are able to make this claim with confidence, since we and our competent, highly trained and experienced teams have successfully provided some of South Africa’s top concerns with expert moving services, undertaken in minimal time with maximum efficiency.

Several clients attest to our service and we are proud and grateful that they are prepared to provide us (and you) with testimonials in this regard. Some have allowed us to publish their contact details elsewhere on our website for your convenience, a great courtesy for which we are extremely thankful.

A Process

Moving offices is a process. It does not happen by magic, but occurs in stages if the process is to run smoothly, and it all begins with thorough, meticulous planning, long before the first carton is assembled or packed.

Each client and relocation is unique, as are the challenges and the logistics requirements during the process. However, all businesses have one thing in common when it comes to relocating from one building to another – they all need their move to proceed as rapidly as possible, with minimal downtime.

Communication systems have to be disconnected, transported safely and then reconnected correctly, exactly where required. While the company is incommunicado, all income generating activities cease, adding to the cost of moving. The sooner systems are restored, the sooner business can resume.

Rapid On-site IT Reconnections

Clients are delighted to find that we are leaders in office and IT relocations, with experienced managers and personnel in all major South African business centres to assist in getting you and your systems up and running in the shortest possible time.

This is part of what earns us our position as leaders, planners, routers, distributors and logistics experts, pertaining to IT and workplace removals, space planning and functional office interior decorating.

Handling Delicate Office Equipment

Our specialised IT division ensures that your electronics and IT systems are handled with the utmost care and safety, and they are trained to rig any such equipment to your requirements. The safe and secure transport of your systems is equally crucial.

In order to ensure that your expensive, delicate office equipment travels safely, without incident, all of our removal vehicles are factory fitted with state-of-the-art air suspension systems and tail lifts, compensating for bumps and potholes on the road, as well as weight factors.

This also means that precious artworks, heavy safes and solid furniture can be handled, loaded and offloaded with utmost safety and no injury to our loading teams. If necessary, we will also disassemble and reassemble particularly large or weighty furniture, in order to move and relocate items which may not fit through doorways otherwise.


Most organisations find it very time-consuming and disruptive to have their staff members cease normal duties, in order to begin packing up company documents and files, whilst ensuring that cartons are properly marked for easy identification later and are not overloaded, leading to collapse when picked up.

Leave document packing to our experienced packing teams. They will systematically pack and unpack again at the new destination, enabling your employees to resume their duties seamlessly upon arrival in their new quarters.

Dedicated Managers

An experienced project manager, dedicated to your office move will be appointed to take charge of your relocation, performing a comprehensive site survey and assessment, planning the process and supplying you with a quotation, whilst a central contact project manager liaises with all parties involved and oversees the overall project.

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