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Moving Office? Here are a Few Tips to Help You Get Through Moving Day and the Days to Follow

The management of moving office does certainly does not come to an end on the day of the move. Making sure that your employees have settled in properly and feel comfortable with their new surroundings is all part of the bigger picture, which means that real office moving management continues for quite a while after the boxes have been delivered and the furniture has been offloaded.

When the terms of a new business premises are negotiated, there there are many considerations to keep in mind. You have to visit the new premises a few times, weigh up the pros and cons, make final decisions, and then prepare for the actual move. Then comes the unpacking, setting up, and making sure that the workspace is comfortable for all employees – and it goes beyond setting up an ergonomic space with a work flow that supports productivity. Your team members will need some time to adjust to the new premises, even if it is far superior to your previous premises. Below are a few office-moving tips that we often advise our clients on:

  • Take the staff on a pre-move day walk-through. If the office space is vacant, this is ideal. You can walk through each department and show teams where they will be sitting as well as help them to visualise what the space will be like in the end. You could also include your office moving team in the walk-through so that they can designate specific drop-off zones for certain items of equipment, furniture and materials.

  • Do not go overboard on trying to update and upgrade everything. Moving offices is a great time to refresh the look and feel of the office, but try to incorporate familiar items for staff members. It will make them feel more comfortable and “at home”. If you want to revamp the office space, you might want to chat to space planners and layout designers who have some experience of it.

  • Enlist the services of your office removals team. It is no good if you are paying for a removals service and all that is being done is that you your equipment, boxes, and furniture are being transported from A to B. Professional removal teams will be able to pack your entire office and offload items in the correct zones, as well as set up equipment and assemble furniture at the new premises. Acquiring this service from your removals company will also ensure that your staff members have a bit more free time to focus on their business tasks and responsibilities.

  • Do not overlook the importance of packaging. It might not seem like the wooden office desks need wrapping, until one is scratched or grazed. Bubble wrap, box, tape, and cover as much as possible. Leading office furniture removal companies will be able to provide you with all the required packaging and wrapping materials. Elliott Afrovan knows how to handle the most fragile or unusual equipment and have specialised vehicles with air suspension and tail lifts. These modifications ensure that loaded goods are not damaged during the move, or when there are a few bumps in the road to contend with.

  • Always provide a list of items to be moved and follow it closely with your removals team. You will be surprised at how chaotic a move can be, especially if your staff members are present to assist. With a list of items, you can check these items off as they leave and check them in again as they arrive at the new premises. This is also a good way to keep track of any damage sustained or any items that might go missing in the course of the move. That being said, it is best to chat to your removals company about insurance that will cover you for loss and damage. It is better to be safe than sorry.

We know that it can be a gruelling process to prepare for a move. Office moves can be tricky as you do not want the company to come to a grinding halt during the move. For more moving office tips and advice, chat to the professionals. Contact Elliott Afrovan via email or telephone for more information, advice, and guidance today.

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