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Moving Office? Let the Experts in Office Removals and Relocations Assist You!

Moving office is not for the faint-hearted. It can be a gruelling process that starts long before the actual moving day and continues for a few weeks afterwards too. When it comes to commercial or corporate moves, the stress can be tenfold that of moving home. The fact of the matter is that any office space is complex. Many people play a part in the smooth running of an office and for this to remain the case, the office space must be correctly set up and understood by all departments. If you want to cut out a great deal of the confusion and potential chaos before, after, and during a move, we strongly suggest that you make use of local moving office experts.

There is no substitute for a professional office-moving team. Sure, there are various casual removals teams out there that you can hire with their bakkies and temporary employees, but in reality, you get what you pay for and you could soon find yourself agonising over the scratched, damaged, or even lost items of furniture and equipment along the way. To safeguard your business, it is best to partner with professional office-movers for your relocation. We offer our clients a truly comprehensive service. We do not simply move items from A to B. We really get involved in the process from start to finish. We will do so much more than a casual moving company can do, and we will ensure that every item touched by our team is handled with meticulous care.

The first step for our experts is to ascertain the nature of the move. We can only do this by paying a visit to your premises and physically seeing how much furniture and equipment need to be moved. Now is a good time to tell us about any fragile, awkward, extra-heavy, or unusual items that need to be handled with care. Our team is experienced in handling the most sensitive of equipment and items, from fine art to intricate computer systems, so if you keep us informed, we can ensure that the right experts are assigned the job on the day. You will be impressed when our moving experts tell you about our fleet of vehicles too. Not only are these fitted with trackers for your peace of mind, but they also have air suspension and tail lifts to make sure that your fragile and sensitive valuables are transported carefully, and are protected against potential bumps along the way.

The next step is for us to let us know what we can do for you. We can offer you a wide range of options, which include the following:

  • Spending time at your premises boxing and wrapping furniture, equipment, files, and office items.

  • Making an inventory list of items to be moved within each department.

  • Drawing up a moving-day strategy, so that management and departments are fully aware of what to expect on the day.

  • Loading all items onto our removal vans and getting them to the new offices on time and unscathed.

  • Offloading items, delivering them to the correct areas/departments in the office and ensuring that any furniture is correctly placed and set up. We can disassemble and reassemble equipment and furniture that cannot be moved in whole pieces too.

  • Providing insurance to protect you from the potential loss or damage of items transported by our team.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer expert moving assistance to companies across the country. Our focus is on ensuring that our customers experience a hassle-free move and minimal downtime. After all, your business cannot come to a grinding halt just because you are moving premises. Our dedicated team members will ensure that the majority of the responsibility of the move is handled for you, so that you and your team members can focus on tending to customers and setting up key areas of the business as promptly and efficiently as possible.

We welcome you to chat to our experts before moving office or planning a corporate move. We will ensure that you are advised and provided with a quotation to consider. For more information and advice, contact us via email or telephone at Elliott Afrovan today.

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