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Moving Office – Tips for Small to Medium Sized Business Relocations

Proper planning is essential when moving office. Not only will it save you time and money, but it will also ensure that your team does not lose valuable work time. The last thing you want to hear when reaching your new office location is that the copiers did not arrive or that one of the employee’s computers has been lost along the way. Even a small business faces several obstacles when moving office. As such, we share a few tips to help you streamline the process of moving your office.

Get Onsite Inspection Quotes

Even though it is certainly more convenient to type in all your details and getting an online quote for moving office, it is risky and you are bound to get an unpleasant surprise in terms of costs at the end of the day. Look for a moving company that does onsite inspections to determine the exact scope of the entire process before giving you an estimate.

Find a Vendor that can handle IT & Heavy Equipment

Office furniture only forms one part of a move. Modern businesses have computers, servers, networks and databases which need to be safely moved. In addition, there are copiers, printers, filing cabinets, safes and artwork. You need a company that has its own fleet fitted with special suspension for the transportation of IT equipment and the required lifting equipment to handle the large and heavy equipment that must be moved.

Get Advice from the Experts

You are good at your business, but chances are that you most probably do not move offices daily. As such, get some expert guidance from veteran office movers. Listen to the project manager as he or she has done many such moves and already knows what should be done first and in which order the boxes, furniture and equipment should be relocated.

Save Time – Let the Office Movers do the Packing

While your staff is packing, valuable work time is lost. Rather discuss the packing requirements and order of packing with the office movers, and let them handle the project. In this way, one set of packing rules applies and the office movers normally pack the files in an order that makes unpacking as easy as possible.

Back to Planning

The floor plan of the new venue is essential. Discuss the layout and seating requirements with the office movers. This will minimise time wastage when getting to the new venue. Signage at the new venue also helps to show the moving company exactly where which boxes and furniture should go.

Appoint a Key Person

You need to appoint a responsible person to liaise with the moving company and to coordinate the process. If there is a single person to report to and sub-coordinators for the minor details, you can avoid a situation where confusion leads to costly mistakes.

Throw Out What You Don’t Need

The longer we stay at one location, the more stuff we seem to gather. Your office store room needs a cleanout and there is no better time to do so than before the move. With fewer things to move, you will save money and indeed also ensure a cleaner and neater office at the new venue.

Who to Use

Moving office to the next floor, another building, across town or even province borders? Let Elliott Afrovan handle your entire office moving project and beat the clock. Rather than having to spend hours on end packing, planning and unpacking, simply let our project manager plan and ensure successful execution of the office moving project. Our team will work with your facilities manager to ensure that everything from valuable artwork to IT equipment, sensitive documentation and office furniture, are relocated safely and within the allocated time schedule.

We have our own fleet of vehicles with the required suspension and lifting equipment for IT and other sensitive equipment. Our IT moving team is involved throughout and we do onsite inspections to ensure that the quote you receive is accurate. We have reliable insurers and have an impressive client list. Everything from small office moving, to large factory relocations, form part of our profile of successful operations and you can be assured that your data will be safe.  We offer you document storage facilities during the relocation process. Contact us to get a quote for moving your office.

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