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Move Office Furniture

Modern Office Moves for Modern Businesses

Unless you are refurnishing and revamping your entire office’s interior and thus getting rid of all your existing “old” furniture, there are really only a few types of office furniture moves that you’re likely to undertake.

You may just be rearranging your desks, tables, chairs, cabinets, screens and partitions, shelves, and reception schemes. Alternatively, you are moving and relocating your entire office, its contents, and your personnel to new premises.

Open-Plan Office Furniture

At Elliott Afrovan, we suspect that the office furniture which you intend to move is probably more varied than are your reasons for moving. Offices come in all shapes and sizes. Some are open-plan with furniture arranged in a schoolroom configuration, much like an erstwhile typing pool, while others, which are also open-plan, have partitions and screens to separate staff members from those in various other divisions.

These open-plan offices allow businesses to optimise the total available floor space. The furniture may consist of desks, with or without the addition of credenzas, or in more modern setups, the furniture may entail modular, semi-fixed worktops, which would definitely have to be disassembled in order to be moved to a new location.

Rank or Status

Quite some time ago, when the class system was commonplace, a statement like “going to the office” implied that the person who was doing so was in a white-collar occupation. He or she was therefore accorded a certain status and perceived rank of some importance. Offices were walled off enclosures furnished with a large wooden desk, one or more chairs, bookshelves to accommodate files of documents, a telephone, a desk lamp, and perhaps a pot plant.

Nowadays, individual, separate or private office spaces are enclosed with partitions that extend from the floor to the ceiling, and are reserved for supervisory or management personnel. When the entire, typical modern workplace has moved away to another location, the total floor space is empty, devoid of any individual, private rooms.

Origins of Offices and Workplace Furniture

Some ascribe the origin of the office and its furniture to the ancient Romans, since Roman society was structured and the authorities utilised designated places and spaces to conduct official business – the foremost being the Roman Forum.

Throughout various times when the broader populations of most countries were illiterate and unable to read and write, records were kept by scribes, who would have required a table or similar flat surface (furniture now known as a desk) to perform their tasks.

When spending hours on end at work, day after day – then and now, it’s essential to have a seat or chair. The humble chair led to a new, modern furniture field – the manufacture of ergonomically designed office furniture (particularly seating).

Modern Moves

Modern workplaces are furnished and equipped with more complex, sophisticated business aids and resources than ever before. As always, modern office furniture requires modern means and moving equipment to move offices safely and successfully. We utilise:

  • • Comprehensively trained and experienced relocation teams.
  • • Professional management of the teams, their tasks, and your relocation project.
  • • The allocation of a dedicated Central Contact Project Manager to plan, manage, oversee, and facilitate your move, liaising with your team and relevant external people.
  • • The skills and knowledge of our own IT Relocation Managers, since most modern companies rely on functional, efficient IT systems to function effectively.
  • • Elliott Afrovan moving teams in all major South African centres.
  • • Eco boxes into which we pack your business’s belongings.
  • • Our project-management, time-management, and space-planning expertise.
  • • Our own well-maintained vehicle fleet equipped with modern tracking systems to ensure that your office furniture and expensive, sensitive equipment are handled, transported, and moved safely and securely.
  • • Relocation vehicles are fitted with air suspension and tail lifts to avoid damage to your possessions in transit, and while loading and offloading.
  • • A guarantee of prompt settlement of claims by our insurer, in the unlikely and very rare event that a claim should arise.


As a leading office moving company in South Africa, we are committed to continuing our proud reputation and expert office furniture relocation services to the benefit of our valued clients, when and where they wish to move – hassle-free. Give us a call today for information about our services.

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