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Long-Distance Office Movers

Why It Is Important to Hire Professional Long-Distance Movers when Relocating Your Office

office moversHave you ever had to relocate a business? If the answer is yes, you know what a complicated project this is and how many headaches it can cause. If the answer is no, trust us when we say you will need all the help you can get. If you find yourself in a position where you need to execute your first office move, you have stumbled across this article at just the right time. We take a closer look at the ins and out of relocating a business and why it is so vital that you partner with experienced and reliable long-distance movers to help you execute this project with as little stress and hassle as humanly possible.

Why It Is Complicated Moving an Office Long Distance and Why Your Choice of Movers Is So Important

Generally speaking, there are three main factors that tend to complicate the relocation of an office or business, when compared to residential relocations. First, there is the number of people you need to accommodate when arranging the relocation. You have to take into account that, for many of them, this might be a very disruptive event affecting all aspects of their lives. In addition, we all know that arranging anything where there are a number of people involved can be difficult, as it is tricky to accommodate the schedules, preferences, and needs of every individual. A long-distance move will simply add to the complexity of this.

Second, disruption to the business operations has to be accounted for. This is unavoidable and it would be irresponsible to approach the project without planning for this disruption. Plans should be made to keep disruption to a minimum and maintain basic business operations where possible. A lack of planning could lead to a major loss in revenue. Where disruption is unavoidable, make sure your customers or clients are informed in advance. Third, there is the issue of relocating your IT system. This is not as simple as packing it all in boxes and unpacking it and plugging it in on the other side. For this, you need professional movers, otherwise damage can occur that might render your entire system useless, which can potentially sink your company.

The Value of Long-Distance Office Movers

Professional and experienced long-distance office movers should be able to help you navigate these challenges and execute a perfect relocation. Not only do established movers have the correct equipment and necessary experience to execute the actual move, they also have the expertise to assist with the proper planning of the relocation – and planning is by far the most important part of a long-distance office move. This will allow you to not only identify potential challenges and hurdles but to also plan for these in order to avoid or minimise any damage or loss. Furthermore, reliable long-distance office movers should also be able to provide you with the following value-added services and features:

  • • Professional packing and the correct packing materials. Instead of you sourcing the correct materials, an experienced service provider will be able to provide the correct materials for packing fragile and expensive items, as well as the know-how to do sequential packing and unpacking.

  • • Specialised removal vehicles. This is especially relevant to long-distance office relocations. Do the movers have satellite tracking on their vehicles? Do they have tail lifts for the safe and secure loading of your valuable items? And how about air suspension on the vehicles for safe transportation?

  • • Storage facilities. Not all your items will necessarily be needed at your new premises, at least not immediately. Choose a service provider that can also store your items safely and securely if needed.

  • • Reliable insurance. You also want a service provider that is sufficiently covered in the event of an accident or any other unfortunate incident that might lead to the loss or damage of your possessions.


If you are planning the relocation of your business to another city or town, do not take on the stress and risk all by yourself. Contact Elliott Afrovan, the leading long-distance office movers. With decades of experience and many satisfied clients, we have the know-how and experience to help you handle your move with ease.

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