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Large Office Relocations

Insights into Large Office Relocations

One may confidently assume that the complexity and extent of expertise, number of coordinated moving team members, and allocated time required for the successful relocation of a large office is more or less commensurate with its size. In this case, you’d be correct, but only partially so, as it turns out.

The larger the office, the more complex the move is likely to be, because there are so many more factors, components, and aspects that can go wrong – a veritable snowball or domino effect. One error creates and feeds on the next, until everything crashes, tumbles down, fails, or results in chaos – the last thing anyone wants to see during a business move.


However, the types of furniture and appointments that need to be relocated also play a significant role in the ease or complexity of an organisation’s workplace move. Some large furniture pieces may have to be dismantled before they can fit through doorways, down stairs, or into lifts. The process then has to be reversed at the new premises, where such items are to be reassembled successfully.

Pianos, Paintings, and Safes

Likewise, a particularly weighty item, such as a company safe or a piano, requires much more than mere muscle power to be moved safely and intact. Because of their primary purpose – keeping their contents safe and secure – office safes are made of strong, thick, heavy metal compounds that are virtually thief-proof. Their weight and large size almost keep them anchored in place – definitely not easy to relocate.

Pianos, in particular, are actually delicate musical instruments, despite their bulky, large size and weight. In fact, experts and musicians advise that one should have a piano retuned by a professional piano tuner when it has been moved and rearranged into a new position within the same room. Care should be taken to keep the instrument as level as possible, while avoiding accidental bumps and jars.

Fine art (paintings and sculptures) includes one-of-a-kind pieces. Each item is unique and irreplaceable. Once damaged, artworks lose value and the best amongst them, by the most well-known, celebrated, collectable artists, are expensive to acquire, as it is. Extreme care must be taken with packing, protecting, and handling these precious items during relocations.  

Plan for Managing Mishaps

It’s vitally important to foresee and prevent costly mishaps and missteps before they happen when large office relocations are to take place. A little scenario planning for avoiding or managing errors, should they occur, goes a long way towards ensuring a successful large or smaller relocation. It’s all part and parcel of truly professional office relocations, irrespective of size, complexity, and destination.

Fortunately, we’re seldom faced with mishaps at Elliott Afrovan. With us, the incidence of damaged goods and lodging insurance claims is so low that even our insurers are confident in our ability to handle office relocations. As a result, they guarantee that our claims will be settled expeditiously, with minimal red tape and no hassles.

Although our history of claims speaks for itself, this is nonetheless an integral part of the assurance and peace of mind which we offer our clients at Elliott Afrovan. Additionally, our successful business operation at Elliott Afrovan hinges on our ability and competence in safely moving and rigging IT equipment, fine art, safes, pianos, and other large and small, fragile office equipment and furniture.

Team Representation throughout South Africa

We pride ourselves on being moving specialists with professional divisions and capable, competent relocation teams in all of South Africa’s major centres, serving and working closely with our countrywide clients when they wish to move offices (or factories).

Comprehensive Capabilities and Expertise

Below are some of the services that we offer:

  • • Provide clients with fully trained relocation teams to conduct moves in their entirety.
  • • Relocate filing systems, files and bulk filers, partitions, and large or compact office screens.
  • • Pack and unpack files sequentially – no effort required from you or your personnel.
  • • Supply eco boxes, which we pack and unpack.
  • • Adhere to floorplans and your space planner or interior designer’s layout.
  • • Hold workshops with your personnel.
  • • Safely and securely rig heavy equipment.
  • • Offer document storage and warehousing.
  • • Practice project and time management, as well as effective resource allocation.
  • • Only use our own fleet of vehicles and drivers – involving no subcontractors.


Elliott Afrovan specialises in office relocations and we’re set up accordingly. Contact us for any further information you may need.

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