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How Long Does It Take to Move Offices

How Long Does It Take to Move Offices?

One of the objectives of most businesses is to grow. However, facilitating growth encapsulates so much more than being profitable and extending the reach of the business. It also means providing the right environment for growth to take place, while maintaining effective operations. This becomes especially important when a business outgrows its current location. Moving a business to more suitable premises is not a small feat, as requires proper planning. Even before you start looking for new premises, you have to first ask yourself, “How long does it take to move offices?” This will determine many of the decisions you make around the relocation.

Why Does It Matter How Long You Take to Move Offices?

  • Knowing the amount of time it takes helps you to create a timeline for certain actions.


  • Having a timeline allows you to prioritise certain actions, making the entire process more manageable.
  • It gives you a deadline to work towards, which can help keep the process on track.


  • When you know exactly what happens when and in which order, you can plan ahead to accommodate different aspects of your business.
  • Being able to accommodate these necessary tasks allows you to keep the business moving and minimise disruptions to your operations.


  • The fewer disruptions your business experiences, the less the risk is of losing out on revenue, missing client deadlines, or being unavailable to engage with new or existing clients.

So, exactly how long does it take to move offices? How do you even begin to quantify this?

There are a number of factors that influence this process and the time it takes to complete. Before you get started with the relocation, you will need to find the perfect new premises, secure the lease, and determine when the occupation date is. Then the planning and execution start in earnest.

Factors that influence how long you take to move offices include:

  • • How far the new premises are from your current location.
  • • How large your team is.
  • • How much furniture and equipment you have, and how large and/or specialised these items are.
  • • How extensive your IT system is – relocation of this must be done properly and cannot be rushed.
  • • Whether the premises you are moving to are serviced, managed, or leased.


How long you take to move offices also depends on whether you try to do this on your own or whether you are employing a relocation expert. If you are employing an expert, how experienced are they and how hands-on are they with the process?

Elliott Afrovan is one of the most experienced and trusted office relocation companies in South Africa. Having helped many large corporates relocate, we are well-prepared and experts at keeping how long it takes to move offices down to the bare minimum.

To achieve this, we have dedicated project managers to help you plan every detail of your move, and to provide you with a dedicated contact person. This is vital during the moving process to avoid any misunderstandings.

In addition, we also own our own fleet of specialised vehicles driven by experienced drivers to ensure the swift and safe transport of your furniture and equipment. We also have the capability to move large and sensitive equipment safely, to relocate entire IT systems in conjunction with your IT team, and to pack, move, and unpack filing that needs to stay in a specific order.

On top of all of this, we also offer secure storage facilities if necessary, ensuring that you do not have to deal with multiple stakeholders unnecessarily during the relocation process.

To get back to the important question of the day: “How long does it take to move offices?” The short answer? Much quicker if you choose an experienced and professional office relocation company like Elliott Afrovan. And, certainly with much less stress and hassle involved on your part. If you are planning to relocate your business, give us a call. Discuss your specific needs with one of our expert project managers and get a competitive quote to get the process underway.

In no time, you will go from asking, “How long does it take to move offices?” to “When do we get started?” It’s that easy.

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