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Advantages of Hassle-free Office Removals

Because we have established our company as a specialised organisation to deal with relocating businesses, we can confidently claim to provide our valued customers with hassle-free office removal services, as close to 100% trouble-free as is humanly possible.

Unfortunately, no one can absolutely guarantee that there will not be a single challenge or problem, since there are always unforeseen circumstances and the entire process is largely dependent on various groups, individual players and the human element. So, much as we would love to, 100% hassle-free office removals are a tad beyond us and everyone else in this business.


It is interesting to pause a moment and consider the term “hassle-free”. Not too terribly long ago, it was considered as English slang and did not appear in any thesaurus or dictionary. Today, this term appears in both, as a recognised and correct English word.

Of further interest, many people also use “thesaurus” and “dictionary” interchangeably, not realising that these two types of publications actually differ from one another. The former lists various words which have similar meanings (synonyms) and frequently examples of those which mean the opposite (antonyms), whereas a dictionary indicates the definition of the selected word only, appearing amongst others in alphabetical order.

What we Mean

If we consulted the thesaurus, we might find various similar words or synonyms describing what we aim to achieve on behalf of our customers, for whom we undertake office moves. These may include words such as relaxed, quiet, stress-free, calm, unperturbed and comfortable.

The converse or antonyms – tense, overwrought, anxious, stressed, uptight and apprehensive, indicate those conditions which we and our clients seek to avoid.

What we Do

As indicated, one of our main objectives is to remove all of the stress and hassles from your moving and relocation, giving you and your staff the most quick, efficient and relaxed office removal service possible. In fact, we would like you to wonder why you worried about it at all.

We understand that time is of the essence when one is relocating, never more so than when a business operation is involved. Downtime means loss of productive working time, during which no money is earned. In this situation, you fear that your customers may seek alternative suppliers or at the very least, become frustrated when it is not “business as usual”.

Our record speaks for itself. We have successfully moved some of South Africa’s key companies, in minimum time, and we are proud to provide contact details of several of them, who will be happy to attest to this. To begin with, a trained and highly experienced contract project manager will be assigned to your company.

This person’s primary function centres on planning the relocation, and coordinating all facets with your designated personnel and relevant external companies and service providers, so that everything is accomplished smoothly, in accordance with your requirements. He/she will initially visit the sites in order to provide you with a quotation and initiate the planning process.

Packing teams are trained to perform this vital function, enabling your staff members to resume their normal working activities virtually as soon as they arrive at their new workplace and work stations. They do not need to pack or unpack documents and files themselves; our teams systematically pack and unpack on their behalf.

Office furniture and other equipment is handled with care and expertise. We possess the capacity to handle heavy items like safes and bulky, heavy furniture with due care, dissembling and reassembling those items which are too large to move otherwise. Artworks are also packed and transported correctly and safely.

We also move bulk filing systems, partitions and office screens, using our own unique eco boxes wherever possible. Our modern, well-maintained vehicle fleet is fitted with state-of-the-art tracking technology and lifting systems for heavy objects, all with the security and safety of your goods in mind.

IT Systems

Virtually all companies rely heavily on effective, functional IT systems. Generally one’s hands are tied if the system is down or malfunctions, making it of prime importance to have all IT functions disconnected, moved and transported by experts who know how to handle sensitive electronics safely.

The same holds true for rapid reinstallation at the final destination. Because of this necessity, we employ specialised IT divisions to accomplish safe handling and rigging of such equipment across South Africa, in all major centres.

Nothing Simpler

If you recognise the advantages offered by comprehensive, safe, secure and hassle-free office removals services, when next you need to relocate your business or factory, you need look no further – contact us for your peace of mind.

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