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Relocating Offices? Get your Office Moving Quote Today from Elliott Afrovan

At Elliott Afrovan, nobody needs to tell us how stressful relocating an entire office can be.  It is not only about getting furniture from one place to another – there is often a lot more at stake.  There are many people whose assets need to be relocated, there are the assets that may be fragile or easy to damage, there is technology that has to be disconnected and transported safely, and a high demand for productivity to continue as fast as possible after the move. 

This is why you need highly specialised project managers that have vast experience in the practicalities and logistics of relocating an office.  Time is always of the essence, because while the business is being relocated, it is unproductive, and it is crucial to get operations and equipment running effectively and quickly again on the other side.  This is why we recommend that you get your quote from us today, if you are planning an office move shortly.

There are many reasons why people prefer us over other removal services:

  • Less stress:  Because we have highly trained staff, our office relocation processes ensure that your office move is as easy and efficient as possible. We have experience with the relocation of businesses in many different industries, and we have moved many factories, administrative offices, and even valuable artwork!  Our project managers are very skilled at the organisation and facilitation of removal projects, and we have a countrywide network of staff to ensure that your relocation to just about any part of the country is well-coordinated and swift.  We understand that not all businesses and removals are the same, and as a result, we assess your specific requirements and ensure that measures are in place to specifically cater for these.


  • High-tech expertise:  We have a department that is specifically dedicated to the disassembly, transport and reassembly of IT systems, and this means that all of your IT systems and equipment will be relocated and reconnected without hassle, allowing your business to move forward into productive mode again as soon as possible. We go out of our way to secure work stations completely and to ensure that no additional work is created for your staff when they arrive at the new site.
  • Safe transport:  We have an extremely advanced fleet of road carriers, and all of our vehicles are equipped with tail lifts and advanced suspension systems to ensure the safe transportation of any sensitive or fragile items, such as IT servers or precious assets.  To ensure the safety of your load, we have fitted our entire fleet with effective tracking systems, and this means that we are able to track the location of your precious consignment around the clock.  Our low insurance claims serve as testimony of our safety record, and our insurance partners offer us guarantees on the minimum of red tape during the claim process and quick settlement of any claims.


  • Value for money:  When using our services to help relocate your office, factory or business, you will be surprised at the high value that you get for money spent.  Not only do we provide the removal and transport of your goods and assets, but we also help with the packing and disconnection of systems at both ends.  There is also a lot of peace of mind that you receive when dealing with professionals, and it gives our clients confidence in the fact that we will relocate them as smoothly as possible, and that production and operations will be able to carry on again at the new site.

How We Help You

At Elliott Afrovan, we hire the best professional removals and relocation staff, and give them regular training to ensure that the relocation of your office or factory is as problem free as possible.  Our project managers are experienced in identifying the client’s needs, and we conduct a thorough assessment of your specific needs before giving a quote.  Our service is top-class and we don’t shy away from any project when it comes to removals.  Our country network of teams is totally focused on always providing you with the best service and to keep the process as free of stress as possible.

For a hassle-free, world-class removals and relocations service, get your office moving quote today!

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